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B&D Shift Plates

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Leave it to B&D to solve all your Dynafit mounting problems. The toe and heel shift plates can handle just about every drill hole and boot sole length configuration imaginable. Mount a plate to your ski and then screw your Dynafit toe or heel onto the plate. See below for some options, all of which come adjustment bolts (mount with binding screws). Priced and sold in pairs.

Classic Toe "A-E" - Shift plates for Classic 5-hole Dynafit toe pieces, including the TLT Classic, Vertical, and Comfort series. Great for moving a toe piece without re-drilling. There are four possible binding positions while a 5th set of holes is used for mounting the plate on the ski. See the attached image to see which holes are chamfered for mounting "A" through "E" patterns.

Classic Toe "Outside" - Same plates as "A" through "E", but all 5 binding positions are made available if you re-drill for the "Outside" holes.

Classic Toe "None" - Blank plate with no chamfered holes. 5 possible mount locations. Use as you see fit.

Radical Toe "A-D" - Toe shift plates for newer Dynafit bindings including the Speed Radical & ST/FT bindings. One of the four possible mounting positions is chamfered to accept the included mounting screws. Great for shimming and moving a toe without re-drilling.

Heel "Inline" - Move Dynafit heels by increments of 6mm, which happens to be the max adjustment range of older TLT Classic bindings. The inline pattern has one set of holes chamfered for mounting screws, so it can be mounted without re-drilling. You can screw your heel piece into any of the other holes (thus is can't be in the same place it was before).

Heel "Centered" - Same as the "Inline" heel shifter except one position isn't blocked by the mounting screws. These are mounted by drilling three new holes in the center of your ski. Perfect for keeping your existing mount location while also adding more BSL range.

Toe Plates Heel Plates
Weight 78g (2.7 oz) 51g (1.8 oz)
Thickness 6.4mm (1/4") 6.4mm (1/4")
Step size 13mm 6mm
Question from Michael perez
Do these plates allow you to switch to a marker royal binding as well?
Answer from eric
Hey Michael, these plates are for Dynafit bindings allowing you move the bindings without redrilling. Unfortunately they don't allow swapping different brands.
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Question from Jose M

I'm not sure if the hole pattern on the heel part is the same for all dynafit models, so I wanted to make sure that the B&D SHIFT PLATES will work for my TLT speed turn 2.0

Answer from jbo
Hi Jose, yes the heel shift plates work with the Speed Turn 1.0 and 2.0 bindings. More info about heel patterns here.
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Question from Tim W
Can one of these plates be used to mount Radical 2.0s onto older Dynafit hole patterns? I.e., I have quiver killers installed for a Vertical ST hole pattern, and I would rather not go to the trouble to drill new holes in ski, so I'd like to reuse Vertical hole pattern and mount the Radical 2.0 to an adapter plate. If they can be used for that purpose, which one should I order?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, unfortunately there is not a plate for that use case.
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Question from Joe Obad
So for an older TLT classic toe (circa 2010) should I get Classic toe B, C or D? IN the diagram it seems like they are all the same thing but in the choices to purchase it seems like there are 3 choices?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, yes all the Classic plates work with the TLT Classic toes. The difference is which set of holes is chamfered for mounting screws. Each letter will let you shift in a different configuration as far as number of steps forward or back.
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Question from vittorio
I have to move the heel of my dynafit st because i changed my boots. I'm interested in your heel inline shift plate. Looking to the picture I think that the plastic part where the skistopper leans will be lifted from the ski because the length of the heel plate. Is it right?
Answer from jbo
Hi Vittorio, the heel shift plates work best for heel pieces without brakes, since as you surmise, the brake plates would overhang and be unstable.
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