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Colltex Skin Parts

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Skins are made of tips, tails, glue, and fur. Except the fur, these can all be replaced. Here is our current lineup of parts from Colltex, the makers of Colltex skins.

Tip Loop Kit – Cable system that feeds through a metal tube under the skin and a plastic adjuster on top of the ski.

Rounded Tip Bracket – Curved metal buckle that sits on the tip of the ski. Fold a skin over it and cover with included vinyl patch. 70mm wide. AKA Skin Clips.

Adjustable Tip Bracket – Inner and outer metal brackets that you can hammer together to acheive the right width for your ski tips. 70+ mm.

Camlock Tail Clip – A simple all-plastic clip that can hold a strap onto a ski. Strap not included.

Camlock+ Tail Clip – A plastic clip with a metal bracket that holds a strap onto the ski. No strap, often red.

Camlock+ Tail Kit – Adjustable tail strap with a Camlock+ clip and rivets to hold it on.

Adhesive Tube – Have your magic carpets lost their magic? Not to worry. Refresh with a new layer of glue. 75ml.

Transfer Tape – A strip of backing coated with glue that you can transfer to your skins.

Whizzz Tape – A refresher coating of the acrylic non-glue formula.

Protective Netting – Keep your climbing skins fresh and clean with protective netting. Fits up to 140mm skins.

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