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Dynafit TLT7 Crampon Adapter

Brand: Dynafit
Model: TLT7 Crampon Adapter
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Price: $29.95
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The only drawback to the Speed Nose on the Dynafit TLT7 boots is that it doesn’t support crampons with automatic toe bails (the simple wire that wraps around the toe welt). The solution is to get a semi-automatic crampon, or modify your auto with this adapter. Remove the simple wire bail and replace it with this gizmo that fits into the toe fittings and securely wraps over the top of the boots. The mod is rated at easy to moderate difficulty, depending on whether the bail on your crampons is designed to be removed. Enjoy all the benefits of Speed Noses and automatic crampons attachments with the TLT7 Crampon Adapters. Sold in pairs.

Question from Mike
I have seen two versions of this product? Is this the newer version? Do you have a weight for this? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, this is the only version that has hit production. The adapters weigh 28 grams per foot, including the hardware.
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