Edelrid is the German company that invented modern rope, known as kernmantle.  With 150 years of rope making experience, you can count on quality.  As a bonus, they are also dedicated to moving light and fast in the mountains and are setting new standards with their latest line of skinny ropes.  A perfect match for skimo.

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Edelrid Shield Lite Helmet
Light and comfortable, the Edelrid Shield Lite helmet uses an in-mold construction to shield your brain bucket from rockfall. The helmet is well ventilated with a minimal pack size, great for working hard in the mountains. The interior is ergonomically sh..
Edelrid Huascaran Harness
The Edelrid Huascaran is a minimalist harness that doesn’t skimp on security. It has a beefy belay loop and a padded webbing waist that provides just enough comfort for long, light-n-fast missions. The harness is ultralight and packable, yes has decent ge..
Edelrid Corbie Rope 8.6
8.6mm triple certified rope? Yes, it’s possible. Go light and fast yet remain safe with the new Edelrid Corbie rope, the latest invention from the inventors of modern rope. The incredible 51 g/m weight and small pack size make it perfect for long alpine m..
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Edelrid Flycatcher Kit 6.9
The only catch to the Flycatcher is that you have to buy two. Edelrid chose this packaging option to reinforce the idea that it’s a twin rope, designed to be used simultaneously while climbing. We won’t report you, however, for breaking the kit in two and..
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Edelrid Apus Rope 7.9
The inventors of modern Kernmantle rope have done it again. Pushing the boundaries, Edelrid has made a half and twin rated rope that is only 7.9mm in diameter. Great for climbing, rappelling, glacier travel, you name it. The new Apus rope is treated with ..
Edelrid Powerloc Accessory Cord
Classic cord from the inventors of modern rope (a.k.a. Kernmantle). The Powerloc Expert SP accessory cord from Edelrid is very hard wearing with low elongation and excellent knotability. It’s made in Germany and has earned the bluesign® label, meaning it ..
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Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device
The Edelrid Mega Jul belay device is the big sister of the Micro Jul. Designed to work with bigger diameter ropes.the Mega Jul is a versatile belay and rappel device made of solid stainless steel for durability.The assisited braking thub loop (green ..
Edelrid Micro Jul Belay Device
A specialized device for specialized ropes. Compact and ultra-light, the Micro Jul device is designed by Edelrid for belaying climbers using half and twin ropes between 6.9mm and 8.0 mm in diameter. It can also be used for rappelling, especially on skinny..
Edelrid Pure Screw Carabiner
As one of the lightest screw gate carabiners around, the Pure Screw from Edelrid is an ideal choice for light and fast ski mountaineering. Smooth gate action and excellent build strength make it useful for many chores. Connect your belay device, ascender,..
Edelrid Pure Slider
The Pure Slider is a good compromise between ease of use and locking safety. It’s technically a locking carabiner since it requires a second action to open the gate. However, that action is just a simple thumb slide, so you won’t be fussing about with glo..
Ascender Attachment Kit
We’ve combined an ultralight screw gate carabiner and a 90cm (35 inch) sewn runner into a kit designed to hold an Ascender at arm’s length. Simply girth hitch the Edelrid Tech Web sling onto your harness and use the Edelrid Pure Screw to attach it to your..
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