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Kohla Mohair Skins

Brand: Kohla
Model: Evolution 100% Mohair
Shipping: Free over $50*
Availability: In Stock
Price: From $0.29
* Skin Width:
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Kohla mohair is fast and functional. It’s affixed to your skis with some of the tackiest glue around, especially right out of the box. Or in the case, off the roll. Purchase the 100% mohair skins by the centimeter and we’ll cut some off a big roll and send it you. The next person will get some off a smaller roll, but it will still be good mohair. It comes with a thin sheathing on the back to keep the glue clean. The skins are woven with the Kohla logo, lightweight backing, and the sweat of Austrians. This is the same formula used in precut kits for skis such as the Hagan Cirrus. Just cheaper.

Question from Jeff
Are these really 110mm and 130mm width of this skin roll? That's freaking monstrous, Skimo the Pow skis!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeff, you got it!
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Question from Tim
Hi Jason, what fittings do you recommend for use with this skin ? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, you can attach any tips and optionally tails to this material. We usually select based on your ski, many of which have unique attachment systems.
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