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Kreuzspitze Heel Pieces

Brand: Kreuzspitze
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Hardened steel forks? Check. Flat-on-ski mode? Check. Optional risers? Check. Optional adjustment plates? You betcha. The Trofeo heels from Kreuzspitze are long on features and quality. The small Italian manufacturer makes the heels in house with the rest of their SCTT bindings and accessories. We think Kreuzspitze won't be a strange name for long. Sold individually, so get 2 for both your feet. 61 grams (2.1 ounces) each.

  • Replaceable steel forks are hardened to support heavy loads and wear.
  • 6mm heel gap can handle aggressive skiing and makes for a great flat-on-ski mode.
  • Tower rotates in either direction for a flat-on-ski touring mode.
  • Optional risers can be screwed onto the forks and used by rotating the heel 180 degrees.
  • Optional adjustment plates add 14, 18, or 40 millimeters of adjustment.
  • The 14mm adjustment plates are screw hole compatible with Dynafit touring bindings.

For matching toe pieces, see here.

Question from Kjetil
So what is the "RV" on these? Or what is it comparable to? I have at pair of extra dynafit radical toes that's looking for a pair of heels.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kjetil, the release value is affected by both the toe and heel, plus the length of your boot. These do work well with Speed Rad toes for a lot of folks. You could try our binding finder to see if it's a good match for you.
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by Chris W (used product regularly)
These are small, light, simple, robust, and release at a reasonable value. I raced half-ish of last season with them and took them touring a few times combined with some Dynafit Radical toes. I had one lateral release in a race, stopping clumsily on icy chop. My technique sucks, and so did that hill, so I'm not calling it pre-release (and I ski with toes unlocked). I trust these skimo racing or mountianeering with lighter/shorter skis. Mind the heel gap, when mounting, as it's non-standard, and enjoy.
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Question from JCoates
Hi, how do these compare with the Plum Race145's on the "burly-ness" scale? I am looking for a light-weight race style heal piece to mount with some heavier Dynafit toe pieces for a expedition type ski system. Something light but it has to withstand some abuse. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Answer from jbo
I'd say they are fairly close in durability, with similar builds, mounting patterns, and steel forks. They do have somewhat different release mechanics and if that's a concern for you, plugging your info into the release calculator would help for a recommendation.
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