Pomoca is a Swiss climbing skin specialist that has definitely nailed it's specialty.  Though it's hard to say for sure what makes the skins perform so well, since the exact formula they use is a trade secret.  We do know they climb and glide with aplomb.

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Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 Skin
Pomoca is only contented by having the fastest skins on the market. The Race Pro 2.0 formula has been competition and lab tested for several years with the singular goal of maximizing glide. This is the skin that Kilian Jornet has been winning race after ..
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Pomoca Mohair Skins
Also known as the Pomoca Climb Pro, these 100% mohair skins give you natural glide. However unlike untreated mohair that can get waterlogged, the Pomocas feature an EverDry treatment that helps prevent glomming and a waterproof membrane to keep moisture o..
$209.95 From $209.95
Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide Skins
We’re not sure but we think the “S” stands for “Super”. The new Pomoca Super treatment on the old reliable Climb Pro Glide skins makes them even better at sliding. The friction coefficient is now more akin to racing formulas than to similar mohair-mix ski..
$189.95 From $169.95
Pomoca Climb 2.0 Skins
The Pomoca Climb 2.0 formula focuses on savings, both weight and cash. As of this writing, they are the lightest available trim-to-fit climbing skins for skis. Pomoca uses a short nap on its Safer Skin Light backing, making for an extremely lightweight an..
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Pomoca Climb Pro Glide Skins
The Climb Pro Glide skins by Pomoca are a 70%/30% blend of mohair/nylon which is quickly becoming a standard ratio in ski mountaineering. The blend makes for a great balance of grip, glide, and durablity. Pomoca recommends these skins for mountain guides ..
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Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 Per CM
Of course the fastest skins in town are available on the roll. Get the new Super Glidey race formula from Pomoca in exactly the length you want. Then attach your favorite tip system, round the tails, and go race. Or train, tour, explore, whatever. The Rac..
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Pomoca Top Fix Race Attachments
The Pomoca Top Fix RACE attachments consist of a highly elastic 3.5mm traction cord, an eliptical ring with excentric holes, and a plastic end cap. These weigh 9 grams per tip including two rivets and the adjustable plastic end grip (which is now white, n..
Pomoca Skin Parts
Pomoca skin attachments are available separately for your skin fixing pleasure. All parts are sold in pairs. Tip Buckle Holders - New tip attachment system that is screwed onto your skin and allows interchange of various sizes of bent buckles, listed b..
From $2.95
Pomoca Adjustable Loop Tip
Pomoca Adjustable Loops are a clever new skin fix system that adapt to just about any ski tip. From narrow race skis to wide freeride planks, just a screwdriver is required to adjust the width of the wire loop. Made from polyoxymethylene (POM), the plasti..
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