Jonathan S

Jonathan S
Height:5' 8"
Weight:145 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
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My Skiing

I grew up skiing at a small local NY hill (where Max Taam also first skied!) and eventually was an NCAA alpine race coach for (too) many years, although my SL & GS skis now get almost no use, and I even sold my SG & DH skis.
Since 1999, I've become increasingly into self-propelled skiing, and for the last half decade I've been averaged over half a million vertical feet for earned turns each season.
Given the fickle NE natural snowpack for backcountry powder, I often train at local ski areas and organize a multiple-venue skimo race series.
But my favorite time of year is when the wx and avy danger clears up for long 10k+ multiple-ravine tours in our Presidentials range, plus of course late spring and summer PNW volcano trips.
The best ski tours though are out our back door for xc w/ my wife & our daughter!

My Gear

Too much gear?
Boots = Scarpa Alien 1.0 for most training & touring, but Dynafit RC1 for racing & really long tours)
2016-17 quiver (all w/ Plum & Dynafit race bindings, including some "mixed" setups):
La Sportiva Nano 172 (deep unconsolidated snow)
Dynafit Denali 168 (winter powder & resort sidecountry)
Volkl VTA 88 Lite 170 (winter ski mountaineering)
Dynafit Cho Oyu 166 (mixed days of compacted ski trails & glades-- impulse buy!)
Trab Magico 164 (late-winter & early-spring ski mountaineering)
Movement Big Fish-X 160 (late-spring & summer ski mountaineering)
Hagan X-Race (both current rockered version & prior traditional-camber version)
And for very low-snowpack conditions, old Movement Logic-X 169 (still light, but no rocker)

Recent Posts

Five Stars for a versatile top that is suitable for racing, training, or even "real" touring. I've had a few suits and tops from various companies including Dynafit. The most interesting compare/contrast is with my PDG top from Dynafit. In common, they have the same slim design that fits me perfectly (U.S. Small for 5'8" & 145 lb -- or so I like to think on both measurements...), a hood (which is relatively rare now in race wear), a very open mesh back, a zippered chest pocket just big enough for a typical...
Executive summary = amazingly light, surprisingly good fit, downright embarrassing appearance. Details, drawbacks first: 1. Sizing seems too big for the spec. My head circumference is 57.2cm, which over the years has matched up well with my ski helmets, bike helmets, the CAMP Speed "1.0" 56-62cm range, and other climbing helmets. The Sirocco Size 2 is 53-61, and frontback was okay, but the sides were just sticking out far too much. I was able to get the Size 1 48-56cm to work by removing the small comf...
If you're really (really (really)) into digging pits all the time, then these folder rulers can be helpful. And initially I dutifully bought such a ruler. But then I just started using my probe. Even when teaching avy courses, I now just use my probe to reference snowpack height measurements.
Five Stars for CH8 as a skin wax. Far more economical than all the specialty so-called skin wax products that are just rebranded hydrocarbon glide waxes. Plus the 60g block is kind of almost perforated into three 20g blocks, each the perfect size to bring with you into the field. Aside from saving space in your pocket, each 20g block helps when reaffixing your climbing skin to concentrate the pressure of your hand so as to press the skin down very securely to ensure you don't have any voids as well as sq...
Four Stars for a nicely sized snow crystal card designed from appropriately chosen material with a helpful assortment of grid sizes. The clinometer is helpful for assessing the pitch of your snowpit to ensure that it's broadly representative of the terrain you plan to ski, but somewhat superfluous since far more useful to have a compass with a clinometer that can also sight up or down a slope. The missing star is for the outdated printed info. I know that products like this can't be updated as frequently a...

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