Stano Skintrack

Stano Skintrack
Height:6' 1"
Weight:158 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
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My Skiing

99.9% of my skiing is self-propelled and about 90% is in the backcountry. I am not really a high speed charging type but can ski fast when needed. I like to ski everything from mellow to steep couloirs, almost in any conditions. And I don't skin up only to ski down, I really enjoy the way up.

My Gear

I prefer my gear on the lighter side or as light as possible while still allowing for lots of fun on the downhills.

Recent Posts

I know many are interested about these boots (I was too) so here we go :) So far I have only one day on these boots and that's why I am giving only 4-4.5 stars as I cannot speak about durability yet. Here's what I can tell you already: My first day was a full-on backcountry skiing in our Canadian Coast Mountains - about 7500f and about 7h (with a descent off a peak - true ski mountaineering conditions). I had them on my feet for about 1h the day before to figure out how they fit. Fit: No question these a...
I chose these to be my new race skis as they appeared stiffer/stronger than the previous model. I paired them with Hagan ZR bindings. So far, I have skied them for 5 days (including one race) and I can confirm that they ski a lot more to my liking than the older version. The tail is stiffer so even in breakable (crust) conditions it continues to carve out the turn. The float in soft deeper powder is little less than older version but overall the performance is much improved in my opinion - less chatter and ...
Last week I had the pleasure to demo these skis on a tour in Wasatch. After much of my "unwillingness" guys insisted that I try them out. This is how it went: Despite wearing my brand new (and still not properly fitted) skimo race boots it took me 2 turns to figure out how to ski them - any way I wanted to. From long high speed turns to short wiggles in tight aspen trees I was absolutely amazed. The snow was good (soft powder) so I cannot speak to how they would ski crust but I have never skied su...
Hi Tim, I just answered a more-or-less the same question on my website here. I agree it is confusing and the wording of that ISMF rule makes it even more so. Occasionally, I help with wording of the ISMF rules and try top stay on top of them. And if I remember correctly, this auto-locking thing was better/clearly defined before. To me, the portion that you quoted means that an auto-lock is fine as long as you don’t need an additional tool in use (so the binding is self-contained/self-sufficient). Howe...
Hi Spindogg, Yes indeed I have used TLT6 Performance for long time now (the previous two seasons and will continue), see my review here. There is definitely a difference in lateral stiffness between carbon cuff of the Performance version vs the Mountain. The weight difference is very negligible but the Perfomance skis better for me for sure, especially when using a bigger/wider backcountry ski. My recommendation is that if someone skis only narrower skis (less than 85mm) or quite conservatively/slow t...

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