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We may not yet have the technology to strap web shooters to our wrists and swing wildly through the corridors of New York City, but you can throw on a pair of easily deployable mitts and be ready when the wind picks up! Ski Trab’s Gavia Wrist Glove is a lightly insulated and weatherproof overmitt that packs into a convenient zippered pocket that can be comfortably worn around your ..
Stylish and suave, the DPS Everyday Cap is a must-have to add to your noggin's wardrobe. While looking great in the streets, it's just as at home on the trail or skin track. The cap is designed with breathable panels and a generous built-in sweatband, that makes it comfortable to wear, you guessed it, every day. Made from 50% recycled materials, what's not to love about the DPS Eve..
Whether you are skiing in one of the many couloirs flanked by sheer granite cliffs in Little Cottonwood Canyon or finding solitude in one of the many aspen groves of Big Cottonwood Canyon, one thing is certain; the Wasatch mountains are a special place for many. Celebrating this treasured place, the Utah Lines Wasatch Ski Peaks blank note cards are the perfect way to send a note or..
Built for those operating at the high end of their aerobic capacity, the Mezza Race will willingly accompany you on trips to the podium, FKT attempts, and beyond. Utilizing a light and durable carbon shaft, the Mezza Race boasts a low swing weight, helping ease the burden while you are operating at your limit. Compared to the current Mezza Race pole, this model utilizes the Shark 2..
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Whether lining up for a skimo race, doing a long tour in the mountains, or going for a cold run in the Fall, the Thermo Cap Spire is up for the task. Being made from Vuelta, a warm and breathable fabric made in Italy, the Thermo Cap Spire remains comfortable and protective throughout the day. The Crazy Idea logo is reflective, allowing you to proudly show off your love of Crazy Ide..
Designed to seamlessly pair with Leki poles featuring the Shark 2.0 and Nordic Grip systems, the PRC Premium Thermoplus Shark is designed to take the bite out of brutally cold winter conditions. Made with exceptionally durable and supple goatskin leather on the palm and stretchy Softspan material on the back of the hand, the PRC Premium Thermoplus Shark is made to last. A windproof..
While not rocket science, changing a U-spring can be challenging. Namely, spreading the U-Spring apart to slide it into or out of position on the turret. Making this daunting task easier is the ATK U-Spring Handling Clamp, which acts to help spread the U-spring apart for easier removal and installation. If you find yourself wrestling with U-springs often, the U-Spring Handling Clam..
Blisters are the last thing anyone wants to deal with during a long day out in the mountains. To combat blisters and elevate your mountain experience, SIDAS made the Ski Touring sock. Almost like a second skin, the grip yarn on the ankle allows the sock to securely wrap the foot, meaning the sock will stay snug and not allow hotspots to form. Because ski touring can be quite an aer..
What’s rigid like wood, floats like a pontoon, and has the faint scent of authentic Italian espresso? Well obviously, the CAMP Piz Alu Evo pole!* With simplicity and reliability in mind, the Piz Alu Evo pole is fixed-length and made from 16mm aluminum tubing, providing ski mountaineers with a reliable adventure companion built for the long haul. With an extended foam grip, the Piz ..
Because of electronic interference with avalanche transceivers, traditional chest-based heart monitors have been out of reach for many backcountry skiers who keep their beacons on their chests. Fitting snugly and comfortably on the upper arm, the COROS Heart Rate Monitor allows you to gather heart rate data while potentially offering less electronic interference to your transceiver..
Pole parts are simple enough yet quite hard to find. Here you will find pole parts for your favorite CAMP poles. Winter Baskets - Replacement rigid baskets by the pair for Ski Drop, and Piz Alu Evo poles with offset asymmetrical baskets...
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Interfacing perfectly with your tech bindings, the Backcountry Ski Vice from Toko is ready to help make your next base repair or wax job a lot easier. The centerpiece features two holes that allow the toe pins of your tech bindings to easily click in, keeping your ski in place even while scraping stubborn p-tex from your base. Being made from durable ballistic plastic, these things..
Designed to pair with the Mezza Race and other Shark 2.0 compatible poles, the CC SHARK allows for quick and efficient transitions, helping you perform at your peak in a competitive environment. It does this using the Shark System 2.0, which allows the glove to directly connect to the handle of compatible poles via a small loop located between the thumb and index finger. This permi..
A wise man once asked, "If one can PACE 2, can one PACE 3?" We certainly think so. Compared to the PACE 2, COROS designed the PACE 3 with an improved 38 hours of battery life in GPS mode, 24 days of regular use, GPS updates, and exciting new display technologies. For most activities, 38 hours of active battery life gives you plenty of breathing room. A new GPS chipset with optional..
From $228.95
Do you find yourself envious of your friend's quick-carry ski system? Do you wake up night after night, worried that your pack isn't optimized to be as efficient as possible? Well, rest easy, Blue Ice has you covered with the Quick Ski Carry Kit. Inspired by skimo racing, this kit allows you to attach your skis to your pack without having to remove it. While not a necessity, this w..
Break a basket? Lose a strap? Owner of a Grivel pole? Well then, fear not, parts for the Grivel Anarchist Pole are listed below. Mutant Basket x2 - Replacement basket for the Anarchist Pole. SSR Strap x2 - Replacement Safety System Release strap for the Anarchist Pole...
Choosing the right goggle for extremely low-light situations can be tricky. Luckily, Julbo's PULSE goggle helps make the decision a little easier. The SPECTRON 0 lens protects against errant tree branches and works best in very low-light situations, such as night tours or blizzard skiing. Utilizing a frameless design, the PULSE allows for an excellent field of vision while pairing ..
Liquid waxes are quite popular because of their easy application; simply spray or rub on, wait 30 minutes, brush off with cork, finish with a nylon brush, then ski! The Thermo Cork from Toko is designed to generate heat as you rub the base with the cork side once the wax is dry. Similar to using an iron when hot waxing, the heat generated by the friction between the cork and base m..
We are entering a new era in which liquid wax is becoming ever more popular due to its quick and easy application. The Toko Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush is a specialty brush with softer bristles designed for high-performance liquid waxes, such as the Performance Liquid Paraffin. Its stylish yellow color makes it easy to see, all but ensuring this brush will be around for the lon..
For serious scraping jobs, reach for the Steel Scraper Blade. Great for removing excess P-Tex and stubborn base material, a steel scraper is a must-have for jobs requiring base repair. Stainless steel construction won’t corrode and is in it for the long haul. Do yourself and your bases a favor, and get the Steel Scraper Blade from Toko...
Hot wax is the embodiment of a low-tech but effective solution, both in the ski and spa industries. This is the stuff for racing, serious training, or if you just want your wax to last a while. Toko’s wax comes in three color-coded variations for different snow temperatures. The fluoro-free formula is environmentally friendly and meets competition requirements. Get wax, go fast, an..
What's packable, bright yellow, and improves glide? Well obviously, the Express Liquid Wax from Toko! With its small profile, the Express Mini (75ml) conveniently stows away, ensuring you can have optimal glide, even on a hut trip. The integrated sponge applicator makes application a breeze while the universal formula provides consistent glide across a variety of snow conditions. B..
Simple is as simple does. The Plexi Blade 5mm GS is exactly as it sounds: five millimeters of clear Plexiglass designed to help efficiently remove wax from your ski base. Three rounded corners keep your hands happy and cut-free while a single, notched corner allows you to remove wax from your edges in one pass. Make scraping hassle-free with the Plexi Blade 5mm GS from Toko...
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Acrylic scrapers tend to lose their edge over time, especially with repeated use. The Toko Scraper Sharpener brings your Plexi scrapers back to life, allowing you to scrape even the most stubborn wax from your bases. Multiple slots in 3, 4, 5, and 6mm widths to fit whatever you’ve got at home or in the shop. The stylish yellow coloring ensures you never misplace this tool, ensuring..
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Waxing is an important ritual that every skier and swimmer must do in order to keep themselves gliding efficiently. Apart from keeping skiing fun and fast, waxing also keeps the integrity of our ski bases in tip-top shape. Prep your ski bases before waxing with the brass brush. After applying the excellent and environmentally friendly MountainFLOW Eco Wax, follow up with a pass of ..
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Whether in the middle of a skimo race fighting for the podium or deep in the backcountry fighting for untracked powder, everyone benefits from increased efficiency. The CAMP G-Comp Warm Ladies glove is made with such efficiency in mind. The main glove is made with a breathable yet windproof Lycra, allowing your sweat to escape while helping to dull the bite from a cold breeze. The ..
The Thermic Refresher V2 is the best way to keep your ski boot liners from turning into chemical weapons, ensuring you don't run afoul of the rules established during the Geneva Convention. The Refresher V2 keeps your liners dry, discouraging bacteria from taking up residence while the UV lighting helps to eradicate any bacteria that already has. The best part is, you don't even ha..
The Ski Drop Pole was purpose-made for ski mountaineers with weary souls, tired of unadaptable and uncompromising fixed-length ski poles. Made from two sections of burly 6061 aluminum alloy and easily adjustable, the Ski Drop Pole is happy to shrink down when booting up a steep couloir or stretch out while on the way to your next ski objective. The side-specific wrist straps have b..
The Ortovox LiTRIC Tour 40 offers a lot, and we're not just talking about volume. Fed up by traditional compressed gas cartridges, the LiTRIC Tour 40 uses supercapacitors driven by lightweight, lithium-ion batteries. This allows for multiple deployments in the field and easier travel, seeing as you can bring it along in your carry-on. If you find yourself wanting a smaller liter pa..
The Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Tour 36S is filled top to bottom with features that are defined by quality and performance. The modular LiTRIC system, which serves as the foundation for the Avabag LiTRIC Tour 36S, uses supercapacitors and lightweight lithium-ion batteries, resulting in a design that allows for reliability in extreme temperatures. With two deployments per charge, you can ..
Whether attending a wedding, going for a stroll around town, or showing up for the birth of your first child, do so comfortably and fashionably in the Alps Tech Cap. The embroidered logo clearly shows your endorsement of Atomic to the world, which means you are all but obligated to keep your Atomic ski collection going. The sweatband keeps the sweat from dripping into your eyes, wh..
If "Universal Bottle Holder" isn't self-explanatory, let us explain. You attach the holder to the shoulder strap of a backpack, put a water bottle in it, and voila! You have easy-to-reach hydration. The universal size fits most hard bottles with the glaring exception of Nalgene, which is just a little to girthy. The holder is lined with a thermal-reflective material to help insulat..
While the longer days, bird calls, and cessation of Seasonal Affective Disorder are signs that Spring has finally sprung, unfortunately so is dirty snow. In Salt Lake City, we are fortunate to live by the Great Salt Lake, which is becoming less great mostly due to the diversion of water to other high-priority things, such as watering lawns, etc... With the receding lake levels, mor..
When seconds are what stand between you and the podium, you'd best use the race wax from mountainFLOW. Built using their proprietary Ceramic Nanotechnology, the mountainFLOW race wax provides the same level of performance as other high-end race waxes, while being fluoro-free and biodegradable. This means you can now stand atop the podium while being a good steward of clean drinking..
With the IR Waxer 2.0 from mountainFLOW, less is truly more. As with all infrared waxers, the IR Waxer 2.0 increases the absorption of wax into the structure of the ski base, allowing you to use less wax with arguably better results when compared to traditional waxing irons. Because more wax is absorbed into the base structure, there is less residual wax to messily scrape onto your..
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The Ski Raptor 20 is the embodiment of, "Ask for and you shall receive." While its predecessor bearing the same name was an instant hit, many noticed and wished it had a dedicated pocket for avalanche gear. Wanting to please the people, CAMP has done just that with this current iteration. With the dedicated avalanche pocket, you can now store your avalanche tools for convenient acc..
Waxing is part science and And when the science lines up, the result is exceptional performance in a variety of conditions. The Swix Glide Wax Cleaner was created as the first part of the waxing equation, allowing you to get the most from your liquid or hot wax. Unlike cleaners designed to completely strip off wax, the Glide Wax Cleaner uses more gentle compounds, w..
SCARPA has been designing and building quality footwear since 1938, resulting in many happy feet around the world. If you've navigated to this page, we dare say you'd likely agree! The Patch Trucker Hat from SCARPA is as it sounds; a trucker hat with a logoed patch representing SCARPA and the excellent contributions they've made to the outdoor world. It wears comfortably and keeps ..
There are few things worse than carrying extra weight, especially when trying to move quickly and efficiently through the mountains. With the Reactor Tour 28 UL Airbag Pack, Arva has created an airbag for the weight conscious, ensuring you can have the protection of an airbag, without being weighed down. Predominantly built using recycled 210D CORDURA fabric, the Reactor Tour 28 UL..
If you crave convenience in ski waxing, then the mountainFLOW Quick Wax is for you. Forgoing irons, vices, clamps, scrapers, and a flock of brushes, you simply need to apply the wax onto the base with the included applicator and then buff the base with a cloth. Thats it! The wax is biodegradable, plant-based, and contains no petroleum, ensuring it is safe for you and the planet. Fo..
A glove layering system is an often overlooked but highly effective solution to keep your hands warm, dry, and ready to go throughout the day. If your hands run on the warmer side, why carry a bulky, heavy-duty pair of mitts alongside your gloves when you can throw on a light overmitt, and turn what you've got into a water and windproof system? Black Diamond certainly thinks this i..
The Ski Lightweight Women's sock from Darn Tough is built with everyday use in mind. With a comfortable Merino weave, these have a cozy next-to-skin feel and are naturally anti-microbial, meaning your socks stay "fresh" longer. The yarn used was chosen for its blend of warmth and breathability, helping keep your feet warm and dry during extended outings in the backcountry. With mor..
With its functional and comfortable personality, the previous G Comp Warm was a fan favorite for obvious reasons. Slightly tweaking the formula for this latest iteration, CAMP hasn't fixed what wasn't broken and instead built upon an already excellent glove. Similar to the previous iteration, the stowable Warmit'N features 60g of PrimaLoft Gold insulation, providing warmth on cold ..
When you're in harsh alpine environments, eye protection is paramount and every detail matters. Smith's Embark Sunglasses are designed to keep the elements out and let you soak in the beauty of your surroundings. With its photochromic lenses adjusting automatically from 45% to 7% of light transmission based on ambient UV and visible light, the Embark negates the need for multiple s..
Equally at home on large Spring tours, as it is doing interval training before work, the Mammut Aenergy ST 20-25 is ready to help you move quickly and efficiently through the mountains. With the inspiration for its design taken from running vests, the Aenergy ST 20-25 utilizes two elasticized straps on the front of the chest, comfortably securing the pack against your body and keep..
In pursuit of the perfect vision solution for backcountry users, Smith created the Pursuit Sunglasses. A tall and wide lens with optional side shields and nose cover provides goggle-like protection from wind, sun, and snow without sacrificing breathability and airflow, which makes glasses desirable for high-effort activities. The adjustable arms and nosepiece allow you to customize..
The LiTRIC airbag system from Ortovox is a modular system that utilizes two bases with interchangeable "Zip-On" packs.* This effectively allows someone who purchased any Freeride or Touring LiTRIC pack to get a "new airbag" at a nominal cost. Both Tour and Freeride bases can be used interchangeably with Tour or Freeride Zip-On packs. Please note that "S" packs can only be used with..
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The Ravine 28S is a modern freeride pack that will make all your other packs envious. The Full Contact Light Back System is ergonomic and distributes weight evenly across the back, providing a secure fit for skiing. A separate safety compartment allows for quick access to safety equipment while a side zipper provides easy access to the main compartment. Similar to skimo-style packs..

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