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Atomic MultiFit Skins

Brand: Atomic
Model: Rocker MultiFit
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Price: $249.95
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There is still plenty of room left for innovation in climbing skins. But Atomic's Multifit Mohair skin ticks all the boxes for solid all around skin. With mohair plush for good glide and a thin backing material to make the skin small and packable. This is a great skin to put on any full bodied ski for awesome all around performance.

  • Grip Zone covering the rest of the ski is 100% mohair for natural grip & glide.
  • Overall weight is reduced approximately 10%, making every step a little better.
  • Tips are solid square brackets and the tails have simple adjustable metal clips.
  • Kits come with a bag for storage and nice offset trim tool.
  • The All-Mountain MultiFit skins are 130mm trim-to-fit, 193cm in length..

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