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DPS Alchemist Wailer 112

Brand: DPS
Model: Alchemist Wailer 112
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Alchemy involves turning base metals into gold. The DPS Alchemist skis turn average skiers into great ones. It’s a pretty simple-yet-powerful formula: Wailer shape/profile + 112mm of width + dampened carbon construction = amazing skiing.

The Wailer shape has been a hit for years with its easy turn initiation and integrated rockered profile. The 112 underfoot version is fat enough to float above any junk in your way. The newly enhanced Alchemist carbon construction has a buttery flex that responds however you push it. Add it up, and you’ll likely be skiing well past your normal abilities. Sorry DPS if we revealed your secret!

  • Reinforced and dampened camber area underfoot for hard snow performance.
  • Generously rockered tip and tail to easily plane above the snow in all conditions.
  • Relatively lightweight construction makes it easier to whip the skis around as needed.
  • Carbon construction layered with dampening elements offers smooth and solid performance.
  • Top sheet of the 112 is solid gold, making DPS the first successful Alchemists in history.
Lengths (cm) 168, 178, 184, 189
-> ounces
1975g [184]
Weight (pair) 3950g [184]
Dimensions 141-112-128
Turn Radius 15m [168]
16m [178]
17m [184]
18m [189]
Skin Fix Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Rockered tip & tail, camber underfoot
Shape Wailery
Construction Alchemist (carbon + yum)
Core Aspen
Skimo Co Says
Usage BC charging, resort
Notes World Cup race bases
Bottom Line Turn your skiing into gold.
Question from Oliver
Hey and thanks for your reply to my earlier Q

I'm considering a pair of DPS Wailer Alchemists coupled with a solid tour binding intended for lift accessed touring primarily in Europe, but possibly also for use in the US and Japan going forward.

I've never skied the wailers so it's a gamble I guess either way but a few Q's, would appreciate any input

Use/purpose of the skis:
Primarily for use in back/sidecountry lift accessed in the European Alps and for not so long touring to get access to good laps with skins - most likely primarily 1-2 hour tours, not daytours or similar. Will probably in time get a dedicated tour rig for full day tours.

1) Length choice - I'm 5.8 ft tall - I've read that the Wailer "ski's short", so I've considered sizing up to 184 over 178 - what would your recommendation be?
2) Binding choice - On my shortlist is Dynafit ST Rotation 2.0, Fritschi Tecton 12 and/or the soon to be released Salomon/Atomic shift mnc - any recommendation based on your experience with the ski in particular? I'm aware that the mentioned bindings weigh in at slightly different numbers. (600gr-950gr)
3) Skins - if I proceed to order the ski's, in your opinion what are the best skins to match the ski - are there pre cut alternatives?

Current boots:
Ranger Free 130 26.5 new for the coming season

Current quiver:
Head Kore 105 180 cms (2017/2018) with Tyrolia Aaattack 13
Head Prestige 77 170 cms with PRD 14
Answer from Nate
Hi Oliver, this ski is pretty popular in the US for the kind of touring you are describing and you'll probably be very happy. Keep in mind that it's quite wide, so you may not fully enjoy it unless you are searching for soft snow.

Ski length is a pretty personal preference, but given the other skis you are skiing I might suggest going with the 184 in this ski because they do ski a bit short due to the amount of rocker.

I haven't skied the Shift binding yet but for the specific use you are defining and the boot you will be using, I think it would likely be my choice if I was building this setup for myself. Though you can't go wrong with the other options you've listed either.

There is not a precut skin for this ski. My suggestion would be to go with a skin that is 130-140mm wide to ensure complete width coverage in the tail where you will get the most traction, and to select a 100% mohair material given that you will have so much surface area covered. Pomoca Climb Pro Mohair is always a solid choice.
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Question from Oliver
Are these brand new (not demo skis or similar)
Answer from Nate
Hi Oliver, yes these are brand new skis.
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Question from Bill
Do you have the DPS Wailer 112 DREAMTIME ‘18 graphics in stock at 189?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Bill! Looks like it's available in the drop down menu at the moment so it's ready to order!
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Question from Brad
What is the difference between the two models shown? Only graphics?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brad, yes, the Dreamtime version is just a special graphics run.
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