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Subject: Gear

By Tim Chappell, Lead Tech at Skimo Co As binding technology evolves and new gear hits the shelves each fall, we at Skimo Co get excited about exploring all the new features and designs in the pipeline - just ask the reps who get battered with our nerdy technical questions! Of those innovations, the progression of the gapless heel piece (aka kiss-gap or zero-gap) has been one of the most significant. A notoriously mysterious feature, the gapless binding is catchi..
As the elder statesman at Skimo Co (age, not tenure), I am writing this article specifically for my fellow boomers who started skiing in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Certainly a fun and exciting time, but the gear was very lacking compared to what we have now. So for those of us who have stuck with skiing, our skills have been honed with not just time but also by compensating for inadequate gear. Ski choices back then were quite limited - it was either wooden skis..
Since diverging from our ape cousins 5-7 million years ago, we hominids have unfortunately lost the luscious full-body mane that kept our ancestors warm and cozy whenever the elements turned hostile. Thankfully though, brain size has been trending upwards. The smartest among us have harnessed the power of plants, animals, and synthetic materials to make clothes that allow us to thrive in improbable environments.  At Skimo Co, we divide this innovative draper..
We all know about the basic gear it takes to access the backcountry in safety and style -- you've got to have boots, bindings, skis, and skins. Those are the basics we chat about with any customer who comes through our doors, and that set of four products is a big investment of time and decision-making. But once you've got your setup dialed in, what else do you need to keep yourself warm, dry, safe, and happy during those predawn starts and long powder-lapping days?..
Mind the Heel Gap - 1/23/2020
Londoners and Dynafit binding owners tend to be very mindful of gaps. The city-folk are reminded to look out for the gap between train and platform when stepping onto the tube (British for subway).  The ski-folk needs to keep an eye on the gap between the back of their ski boots and the heel towers of tech bindings.  These are important since forgetting either can lead to falling on one’s face.  In this article, we will focus more on ski binding heel ..
Pattern recognition is an evolved specialty of the human brain. This innate ability allows us to recognize faces, spot a lion in the jungle, and see objects in the clouds. Despite the effortlessness of employing this skill, it is not well understood nor can it be replicated by machines, even after decades of computer science research. So take some pride in it. A somewhat confusing array of holes, letters, numbers, and arrows on the Hagan jig by ATK. B..
Alpine skiers can be surprised to learn that tech bindings essentially suspend your boot in the air above your ski.  Your weight is not resting on the ski at all, but rather is supported by metal pins that insert into reinforced holes found on Dynafit compatible ski boots.  It can be important to consider just how far off the deck your toes and heels are floating, since this can affect how your weight is balanced over your skis. The height of the pi..
Photo courtesy of Hagan. Some parents start their kids on a journey of ski touring at an extremely young age.  They may carry their kids in a backpack on an easy tour, or even pull their kids uphill with a rope tied to themselves as they skin.  Those tactics get harder and harder as your kids grow, however.  Eventually, it’s time to get the little ones their very own touring gear!  More and more kids are skinning uphill by themselves, and ..
Go high or go low? Here are the numbers behind heel risers and efficient skinning. Anyone who ski tours is familiar with the risers on binding heel pieces. From your first days on the skin track, people explain that they’re intended to make walking uphill easier. In theory—and in a few specific ways—they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go find the bindings with the highest heel risers. As is always the case in backcountry skiing decisions, the de..
The unique construction and performance of Aski skis demands an introduction, and this is it.  The heart and soul of Aski is CarbonShell.  The technology consists thermoplastic infused with carbon fiber to make a lightweight skeleton that has unique flex and structural properties.  The self-supporting shell allows an elastic curve to the ski that enables amazing edge hold without the vibration or skitter found in some pure carbon skis.  The shell..

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