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Some call it the end of ski season while others think of it as just a temporary warm weather delay. Either way, during this hot time of year, ski gear needs a little love and forethought before casually tossing into storage. Follow closely or else you may be in for quite the disappointment come fall. While we’ll gladly sell you replacement gear for the stuff you ruin over the summer, we’d muuuuch rather you save those avoidable costs and spend your money on a hut tr..
Stop the Glop! - 3/31/2021
The dreaded glop. Sometimes it’s a slow onset of sluggishness while other times your skinning speed comes to a screeching halt. Eventually, the question of “Why have my skins lost all of their glide?” is followed by the stomach-dropping moment of panic when you lift your skis to inspect. Underneath is a massive wad of snow that looks like Frosty the Snowman clinging to your bases like a sloth in a tree. No wonder your hip flexors were beginning to ache! To make m..
Now is not a good time to be wondering if your edges will grip. Come for the Powder, Stay for the Corn! Most first-year tourers are lured into the backcountry by promises of endless untracked powder. After all, outside of the resort, there’s no tram dropping off hundreds of skiers at a time to turn last night’s dump into a mogul field. So with dreams of face shots and blissful turns, many folks dedicate their first touring set up to be a powder-slayin..
No doubt ski crampons helped during the ascent of this line. Spring is a ski mountaineer's time to shine. With a stabilized snowpack and legs made strong by a long winter of touring, they flock to the alpine in order to reap the season's bounty before it all melts away. Each day the snow softens in the heat and then refreezes at night. While these daily temperature swings create our beloved corn snow, they can also make for dicey pre-dawn conditions. Even..
For most backcountry skiers, February is about the halfway point of the season. It’s still full-on winter with cold temps and soft snow, but the days are getting longer and corn season is just around the corner. Also by this time, our staff has had enough time to thoroughly test their new gear purchases of the season. What was once new and shiny is now smelly and dinged up. Several Skimo Co employees weigh in on which of the new gear lived up to the marketing hype. ..
Eight-year-old Victor explores Mt. Rainier on skis, thanks to the Dynafit Youngstar Set. Photo: Vladimir Doronin Perhaps in an effort to combine the joys of ski touring with child rearing, some parents start their kids on a ski touring journey at an extremely young age. The first steps are usually carrying their kids in a backpack on easy tours and then graduate to pulling them uphill with a rope tied to themselves as they skin (so much for fast and light..
As binding technology evolves and new gear hits the shelves each fall, we at Skimo Co get excited about exploring all the new features and designs in the pipeline - just ask the reps who get battered with our nerdy technical questions! Of those innovations, the progression of the gapless heel piece (aka kiss-gap or zero-gap) has been one of the most significant. A notoriously mysterious feature, the gapless binding is catching on as many brands now offer at lea..
As the elder statesman at Skimo Co (age, not tenure), I am writing this article specifically for my fellow boomers who started skiing in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Certainly a fun and exciting time, but the gear was very lacking compared to what we have now. So for those of us who have stuck with skiing, our skills have been honed with not just time but also by compensating for inadequate gear. Ski choices back then were quite limited - it was either wooden skis..
Since diverging from our ape cousins 5-7 million years ago, we hominids have unfortunately lost the luscious full-body mane that kept our ancestors warm and cozy whenever the elements turned hostile. Thankfully though, brain size has been trending upwards. The smartest among us have harnessed the power of plants, animals, and synthetic materials to make clothes that allow us to thrive in improbable environments.  At Skimo Co, we divide this innovative draper..
We all know about the basic gear it takes to access the backcountry in safety and style -- you've got to have boots, bindings, skis, and skins. Those are the basics we chat about with any customer who comes through our doors, and that set of four products is a big investment of time and decision-making. But once you've got your setup dialed in, what else do you need to keep yourself warm, dry, safe, and happy during those predawn starts and long powder-lapping days?..

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