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mountainFLOW Eco Wax

Model: All Temp Eco Wax
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Sure, you make sure your beer cans and candy bar wrappers aren't left behind in the backcountry, but did you know your ski is causing pollution? Wax from skis and skins is scraped off by snow crystals and is left behind in the snow. It will eventually wind up in local watersheds as the snow melts. You may think that the wax from skis could not possibly add up to a substantial amount, but in the 2017/18 season, roughly 2.5 million pounds of ski wax polluted US watersheds. If you want to do your part to prevent hydrocarbon pollution, mountainFLOW all-temp Eco Wax is just what you're looking for. Made from plant-based waxes and oils, this wax is rubbed on with a foam applicator and doesn't require the use of an iron or scraper to finish. Clean, easy, and effective-- mountainFLOW all-temp Eco Wax is perfect for skiers who like to go fast but don't want to pollute or spend time and money to maintain their gear (so, this stuff is perfect for pretty much everyone).

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