Question from Bill
Is this the latest version of the Speed Radicals and NOT the first iteration with the plastic housing?
Answer from jbo
Hi Bill, yes, all of our stock is current from the 2014/15 season. They come with the new anti-twist device.
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Question from Elizabeth
Can I buy the Radical ST w/ Baseplate brakes to use with these?
Answer from Tim D
Unfortunately not Elizabeth, the tower is of incompatible height with the ST baseplates.
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by biggb (used product regularly)
60+ days on these bindings used with La Sportiva Spitfires.

I like these bindings but have had the same "rotation issue" as most everyone else. I'm getting ready to purchase/add the Maruelli fix to them to help (and cut weight to boot). I am a larger guy with relatively flexible boots who likes to use the heel risers. I find that the 1st riser position causes the rotation most often (far too often, especially on side hill skinning) but it is very rare to have a rotation in the 2nd/top riser position ... so i often skip the 1st.


With all that being said: I've had no other mechanical issues with them, love the light weight, like not having a ski break, have used them with the Dynafit Ski Crampon (works great), have had them release when needed but never when unwanted. Personally, i like having the 3 heel positions and use all 3 regularly.

Side note: ski leashes. I use the Dynafit leash and attach it to my boot with medium strength zip-ties. The rational is it would likely break if caught in an avalanche but not a normal wreck or accidental release. No problems with this system so far.
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by Chris W (used product regularly)
These are fantastic bindings. I upgraded from the Radical ST and have no regrets so far going with these over the brakes. Simple, light, and fully adjustable for both release values and BSL. While so far I have been too paranoid to go without leashes (B&D), this is the norm for Skimo racing. I guess if you're inbounds and not in deep powder, you stand a chance of getting the ski back -- though the number of pieces you'll get may vary. ;)
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by Brett N (downright abused product)
These bindings offer simplicity. Super easy to change heal height on the fly. Easy to adjust DIN setting. Great adjustability if you use multiple pairs of boots. Easy to get in and out of the radical toe. Which makes this a great first tech binding for anyone.

Only negative is that sometimes the binding will spin while skinning on hard surface or setting skin track in deep snow. This causes the ski boot to lock into ski mode.

Bottom Line-I have these bindings on all pairs of my skis and would recommend them to anyone.
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by Jake D (used product regularly)
Excellent balance of weight, function, and price. If you're just looking for a light weight touring binding (not for racing), this is all you need. I doubt I will ever shell out the extra cash for a pricier binding for general purpose ski touring.

This is my first tech binding coming from Fritschis and I like how these ski much better, having your feet so close to the ski. The heel risers are a breeze to operate and they have held up fine despite me weighing 195 pounds and sometimes carrying a backpack up to 40 pounds.

I have the same rotation problem as others describe, with the heel unit sometimes rotating into ski mode while touring. It doesn't happen that often though.

I think the stock leashes are pretty sketchy as I don't want the skis flying around my body and hitting me in the face if I crash. I use the B&D coiled stretch leashes with the breakaway tab in case of avalanche etc. and they work great.
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Question from Kjetil
Is the holepattern the same for Speed Radical and Radical ST/FT?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kjetil, yes the hole pattern is the same in the toes and heels for all the Radical bindings. Note the ST/FT come with longer toe screws than the Speed since they are mounted with a plate underneath.
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by T Beck (used product regularly)
Awesome binding! Weight and performance seem to be pretty ideal at a reasonable price for a tech binding. I love the new heel riser (despite some early breakages) the wide boot adjustment range (way better than the classics) and the toe piece is an impressive upgrade from classic and verticals.

My only complaint is the ramp angle. I have grown accustomed to race binding's low ramp angle and now find that i am leaning heavily over the tips....this puts a little more strain on the quads and lower muscles then what i am used to....Simply adding a plate under the toe piece should fix the issue but i hate to add weight and mess with such a simple and good binding...oh well.

Wildsnow has some great recomendations for modifying the ramp angle if you experience the same thing.
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by dub_xion (used product a few times)
So far they've been working great this season. First Dynafit setup having come off of Fritschis. Needless to say, the weight savings is fantastic. Still not confident enough yet to go for an aluminum binding; with the abuse I put on gear, and the amount of time I like them to last, steel is the way to go for me. I also find myself on some steep up-tracks, so higher lift options are a must. Easy to get into, easy to flip the elevation lifters. Downhill performance is actually not that much worse than the Fritschis for b/c skiing, and 10 is as high as I need my bindings to go. Highly recommended.
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by Lee (used product regularly)
I am not a fan of brakes on touring bindings and these bindings are so good in so many ways. If you have the money you can save some weight, but these bindings come real close and they have been just as tough as my long wearing vertical ST.
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