Question from Eric
Jason - Do you have fasteners for speed turn and expedition heel pieces? Do you think the spacing between mount holes on these heels is sufficient?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, the Expedition heels use the same fasteners as the Speed Turn toes, so you should be set with one Speed Turn kit. The spacing is probably sufficient for skis with reasonably reinforced mounting areas.
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Question from Shane Ingram
Am I able to simply order 20 or 30 inserts? I don't need any fastners or tools to go with them
Answer from jbo
Sure Shane, we should have enough in stock within a day or two.
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Question from Anders
I am planning to mount a pair of Dynafit ST bindings on a pair of Dynafit Stoke skis. I am thinking about a set of quiver killers.
1. Whichquiver killer set should I order on your website?
2. One set is for 2 skis?
3. Which drill bit should I order for a mount with quiver killers?

BR Anders
Answer from jbo
Hi Anders, yes the fastener kits are for a pair of skis. The inserts require a special kit for installation, containing a wide drill bit, tap, and insert tool. We are out of stock of the Radical ST fasteners and installation kit, but will get more.
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by Chris W (downright abused product)
I equip all of my skis with inserts, so that I can share 1-2 pairs of bindings with a growing quiver of skis. Having used both Binding Freedom and Quiver Killer (they are thread-compatible both ski-side and screw-side), they're fantastic and reportedly improve pull-out strength from having a large outside diameter and high-strength epoxy installation. The penalty seems to be about 10-15g per ski if you account for the inserts and the fact that the screws tend to be a little heavier than lightweight ski wood screws (for 8 hole bindings). Small if not negligible, but well worth it, IMO.
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