Question from Creager
I had the cant bolt fall out of my Spectre 1.0 boot. It was lost in the snow. Can I get a replacement from you guys ? I'm also needing a buckle replacement (over the instep, second from the toe). I've also broken both tongues along the side where the black flex point is... Though, the cant assembly is the only piece I can't ski without.
Answer from jbo
Hi Creager, we don't have the cant assembly in stock but are happy to try to source one for you if you shoot us your info. We should have more instep buckles shortly.
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Question from Paul
Do you have any 1.0 velcro left in stock? The upper velcro with bail sewn in for the sideral?
Answer from eric
Hi Paul We are currently out of stock on those. Shoot us an email at the help address at the bottom of the page and we let you know what we can find.
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Question from Steve
Do you sell the screws that go with the replacement Pegasus buckles for the La Sportiva Spectre Ski Boots? I lost the screw, but still have the buckle.

Also, do you ship to Canada? I live in Vancouver, BC but the Google search for La Sportiva replacement parts lists you first. There were no Canadian listings.
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, unfortunately those are not available separately, only as part of the buckle kit. Yes we can ship to you.
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Question from James
The plastic gear on the walk ski mechanism of my wife's Sparkle broke down due to wear and tear. Is this part sold separately anywhere?

Answer from jbo
Hi James, unfortunately this isn't available separately. It's possible Sportiva warranty might find one for you.
Answer from Casey E
The exact thing happened to me, I am currently waiting for La Sportive to respond to my letter. I was stuck in ski mode and when I pulled the plastic back to look at the mech. The plastic gear and a spring fell out. I bought the boots last spring, very sad!
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Question from mike prichard
looking for a spitfire strap with bale sewn into it. can i get that from you?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, we just got some in. They are listed as 1.0 Cuff Velcro.
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Question from Lars

I want to do the pegasus buckle mod on my Vulcans. The original strap is not long enough when I use my custom tongues.
Which strap would you recommend? It appears that I need either the lower cuff buckle or the instep buckle. I have size 24.5 mondo.

Answer from jbo
Hi Lars, it's hard to say what length you need with a custom tongue. Since you can place them anywhere, it might not matter. In general, the lower down on the boot, the shorter the wire and the less the buckle protrudes from it's axis.
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Question from mark madson
I have a pair of siderals that I bought used. I t is my understanding that these boots originally came with a set of 2 or 3 plates that could be interchanged in order to increase or decrease the amount of forward lean. however my boots only came with one set of plates. I am wondering if it is possible to order a set of replacement plates or ideally just the plate that gives the least amount of forward lean. thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, that is not a part Sportiva has made readily available, but they might have one for you. You can call them directly at (303) 443-8710.
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Question from Patrick
I need a longer cable than stock for the lower buckle on my mondo 27.5 Siderals (not the 2.0). Are you still able to get them? Or are they available anywhere?..

Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, after investigating, I found Sportiva had a few more and they should be on the way. There is a bigger one for 28-29.5 boots and one for 30-31.5.
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, FYI we have the longer cables in stock.
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