Question from JoeC
Thinking about buying a pair of Cho Oyus to tele on. I ski everything but ice. I'm an aggressive 5'11" 170 pounds tele skier. I've moved from T2s to 4s; I like the light weight. I've skied G3s bindings since they came out. Any ideas for bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, I have to admit we're not qualified to give advice on tele bindings as it's pretty much A/T only around here. I can say that the Chos have some nice reinforcement plates that are tough to drill through so should handle a tele mount no problem.
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by Joseph B (used product regularly)
I've been skiing since early March this year on 174 Cho Oyus with Kreuzspitze bindings. Wow, they do it all. Climb like a feather, and handle everything from frozen chunky corn to powder amazingly well! They turn on a dime but feel very stable. If you get them, get the pre-cut Dynafit skins too. Excellent glide, plenty of stickum, and they climb really well. Plus they fit the skis perfectly and are a lot lighter than my old Black Diamond skins.
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by nicholas j (used product a few times)
I've only used this ski two days so far. I have the 174 length, and am 6'3", 195lbs in the buff. I'm skiing these planks with tlt5 mtn boots, and Dynafit Speed Turn bindings. First time skiing them was on refrozen slush/ice. Amazing on the up; I've never been on anything this light before. Just as awesome on the down. Nice and damp through the chunder especially given the light weight. Incredible edge hold. Yes, they are loud. But they ski just fine. Just turn up the tunes!
Next day was in the ski area during operating hours, with about 5-6 heavy, wet snow. The ski handled those conditions flawlessly also...only thing lacking that day was my abilities. Handled the chop just fine. Buy this ski. It's awesome. It's easy to ski. It turns on a dime, and can do longer radius turns as well. Oh, and these guys had the skis to my door in about 2 days. Rad shipping. 5 stars for sure.

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