by A OK (downright abused product)
Although they're 'race' bindings, I've used them to tour quite a lot, and race very little. I love the automatic locking feature, just saves a step since I usually lock my toes all the time anyway. Pressing the toe lever to release the bindings is super smooth. Brainless execution of the heel piece; couldn't be easier to throw the tour mode platform up, and simply step in to ski. It takes a second to release the toe to reverse the process, but I take my skis off to put skins on anyway, so it's no issue.

Have turned the binding heels on occasion to create a 'flat' skinning position, but if the ski flexes at all, like while crossing a roller or during a snowy creek crossing, the heel pinches the boot. It's simpler to use this as a one position binding for skinning, and one for skiing.

I have not ejected from these bindings, ever, and I'm quite happy about that. Have skied some burly couloirs in them, too. All this in an ultra low weight package. Stunning. Did I mention they're red? Sweet.

Only concern I really had was that the heel piece mounting with three screws might allow the binding to be torn out of the ski easier than standard 4 hole mounted bindings. However, I use the Dynafit adjustment plates beneath the heel piece, and they mount with four screws. So there's been zero of that issue popping up.
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by Jeremy (downright abused product)
This is a great binding. It's durable, reliable, insanely lightweight and also insanely expensive. If you want a binding specifically for ultra-long distance speed touring where the skinning is as important as the skiing this would be a good binding. If you're into the skimo race scene it's a great binding. Keep in mind that the toe piece on this binding automatically locks and stays locked in touring mode 100% of the time. If you want a little more perceived (and probably actual) safety as far as release-ability goes, you may want to steer towards the TLT Speed Superlite. It's slightly heavier, but offers some creature comforts in a couple of different heel elevators and more release angles.

One major gripe I have with this binding is that there is a little heel spring adjustment screw on the heel piece that is INACCESSIBLE once the binding is mounted. I had these mounted and within two weeks this screw was coming loose with the heel piece spinning around. Dynafit should include a tool designed to reach that screw while the bindings are mounted. As it was, I had to take the heel piece off, tighten the interior screw and re-mount on my newly mounted skis. I don't think the ski is any weaker for it, but is was an unnecessary stressful problem after I'd unloaded the money on the skis and bindings. My four star rating is directly associated with this screw inaccessibility problem.
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