by Karl (downright abused product)
Never skiing a traditional alpine boot again. Although I may get a beefier non-race ski mo model, the low weight, incredible range of motion in walk mode, super slick one lever transition to ski mode, and just as rigid (as I've ever skied) as an alpine boot, and I see no reason to use a "normal" boot even for resorts.
Prior to buying these I used a pair of Scarpa Matrix and Scarpa F1's for skinning. Both gave me either hot spots on the shin or near the ankle. Neither had great motion but it was what I knew so I really didn't know.
Specific to skinning up and the little ski mo racing I recently did, they continue to amaze. The flexibility makes the one choice post on the dynafit low tech bindings I chose (PDG skis also) completely adequate in all but the steepest pitches. Paired with a pair of stirrup pants with cut outs, they feel just as comfortable and secure in uphill mode as my Nordic skate boots and not all that much heavier.
They are a bit narrow as I have a somewhat wide toe box. I was already having some nerve pain in my toe prior with my bike shoes in summer and they aggravate it a bit, but nothing that a boot fitter, a metatarsal pad, and a bump out can't fix. They didn't cause it. Just reminded me that solid non-flexing soles aggravate what I already had. However, this was after skiing them in a ski mo race in the AM and then all day after skiing with my wife. Foot likely a bit swollen from a long day in them. They are surprisingly comfortable for such a minimal boot though.
As for downhill, they lock seamlessly and are super solid. As an avid Nordic racer, my bar for support is low, so please take that caveat. I'm used to opening it up with a lot less. So this boot with a locked in heel makes me feel unstoppable on fast groomers. On anything else, it's user error. My skills in hard snow black moguls, trees, and chutes is mediocre at best.
In a nut shell, I ski as well in these as I DID (seriously I'm NOT going back!) in my traditional alpine boots.
Buy them!!
Thanks also to the staff whom I called when I got these. They felt tight so he walked me through it all on the phone. They've "packed out" as promised and are quite comfortable.
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Question from Ryan Hokanson
Any updates on Dynafit making a size 30? Seems like it's listed everywhere I look but I have yet to actually find one
Answer from jbo
Hi Ryan, size 30s will be available in the US starting in the 2016/17 season. In the meantime, look for Syborgs and Aliens.
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Question from Tyler
I am just getting into the lightweight scene, I currently wear a 26.5 Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 (2014) what size would you recommend for the PDGs? Thanks!
Answer from Tyler J
I wear a size 10 US shoe as well. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Tyler, lengthwise it's likely you could get a performance fit in a 27.0. If you'd like a more accurate analysis, visit our boot fitter.
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Question from Scooter
Do you think this book can drive 75mm underfoot on a 170-175cm ski? 85mm underfoot?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scooter, a ski like that is within the range of this boot. You may not be able to "drive" it as much as with beefier boots, but you can certainly ski it.
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Question from Ted
Do these have more instep room than tlt5's? I have a narrow bony foot with a high instep. Any recommendations for a boot in this class that fits slim with a high instep?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ted, yes these are more roomy that TLT5s. With the thinner liner, they even feel a bit bigger internally than TLT6s. None of these boots have a ton of plastic on top of the instep so are fairly accommodating there. PDG seems good there, Syborg might be the highest and the Alien has a BOA that can adapt to various heights.
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by Oliver B (downright abused product)
I chose these as my first dedicated racing/training boot because of the good price point as well as decent feedback.

Since early december I've put about 20,000 meters on these guys and skied 18 days.

I come from a downhill/slalom skiing background, am about 5'9'', and weight about 150 pounds.... so just keep that in mind for my review.

Uphill: These boots are fantastic for the up. Great range of motion, strong and durable sole for climbing and walking on crud, and a solid overall comfort. At first I did notice some pain in my arches, but with some fiddling with the buckles and a new insole all of that was fixed.

Downhill: The downhill is ok... The boots are not very stiff and feel a bit like a floppy noodle at high speed. Mind you, I'm used to the stiffness of Slalom boots.. so take my opinion with a grain of salt. The maneuverability is fantastic though, very responsive.

Transition: The locking mechanism is great. I cant compare it to a vertical system because I have never used it, but I have no issues with quick transitions and locking out successfully. The quick step in system works as advertised as well, preventing ice building and reducing the general stress of fiddling with tiny bindings!

Overall: Solid entry level racing boot. Very durable with almost no wear and tear. Smooth on the up and nimble on the down. If you come from a a ski race background you will have to get used to the higher flex, but after a while its not an issue.
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Question from Andrew
Can anyone comment/verify if the new "Evo 2.0 sole" on both the 2014/15 PDG and EVO boots is more durable than prior year(s)?

link to TGR discussion on the issue - http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/267374-Dynafit-DY-N-A-PDG-Boots

Am looking at these boots versus Alien and Alien 1.0 (with relatively burly Vibram soles) but would be using them more so for lightweight ski mountaineering than purely racing so sole durability on rocks, dirt, etc. is important to me.

Answer from jbo
I say we send a pair to Jonathan and make him repeat the test! I didn't have much of a problem with my PDGs after a season of racing and mountaineering. Not much more wear than my TLTs. Note he was using Dy.N.A.s and not PDGs. This might just end up as a great mystery in skimo history.
Answer from Jonathan S
See my review of the 2014-15 DyNA for details. But overall the new Dynafit race soles seem to be okay now. Definitely nothing like previously. Although the Alien sole still wins for stunningly impressive durability.
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by Zach (used product a few times)
I just got these at Christmas and have loved them for the first 3-4 ski days! They are my first lightweight boot and I think I am in love. Very comfortable and lots of ankle articulation on the way up. Then surprisingly stiff on the way down. I've mainly been on groomers and ideal conditions and they work great for that. I hope to try in some powder (once we get some) soon to see if I need gators. They were comfortable out of the box. Once Thermo molded they are like slippers. I look forward to racing and adventuring on these boots. So far they are amazing for the money spent! Thanks wifey for the great gift!
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by Chris W (hasn't used product)
This is my only review for a product I don't own, so take my impressions accordingly...

The Dynafit PDG boot is by far my favorite of the many skimo boots I spent considerable time trying on. I tried both these and the more expensive carbon-fiber cuff model, in a few different sizes over an hour or two. First off, the weight is very impressive. Light weight in these boots is likely a function of thin liners with spandex-like ankle flex sections, and low shell volume (look at BSL vs mondo size). That said, I felt like I could get away with at least a half size smaller than my nominal size. They felt solid, thoughtfully designed, and lighter than similar stripped-down, non-exotic-materials rando race boots.

Eventually I got the LaSportiva Sideral at a price I couldn't refuse, but they are worse in every way than the Dynafit PDG; heavier, less durable, more flex, and worse fit. Still totally usable, but I was surprised at the difference between the two products -- especially considering their similarities of purpose and price.
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by Jesse M (used product regularly)
I have had these boots for a little over one season and used them at least weekly for training, a few races, downhill days at the ski hill, a 45 mile day and skiing a 14er which included booting the entire approach.

-The boots are very comfortable and I have had no issues with cold feet even though I can be prone to them in certain conditions. I have a low volume foot and with shims and a thick insole, these boots fit well. I wear a euro 44 to 45 running shoe and the mondo 28 was a perfect fit. This included a 45 mile day in them with no hot spots or other complaints.
-The range of motion on uphills and stiffness on downhills is wonderful.
-The boots are fast to transition from up to down modes and vice versa.
-These boots certainly don't hold me back even on technical up or down hill endeavors. They also perform well in powder, bumps, crust etc.
-Durability seems really good for such a light boot. I have plenty of scratches and some small chunks off the rubber sole but all lugs are there, no play in the rivets, etc. I had to add some Shoe Goo to the little bit of waterproof fabric that runs under the lower buckle since I place my ski tail there to apply skins and it got worn. NBD.

-The lower buckle routinely pops open when postholing.
-The exposed liners accumulate snow unless you have your fancy spandex suit with stirrups on (not sure how much of a con this is or just fact of life/justification for more lycra?)
-The side swinging top buckle is somewhat less "ergonomic" to flip compared to vertically oriented buckles and also catches on rocks when doing things like the Guide's Ridge portion of the Crested Butte skimo course or picking your way through tall boulders. While I was pretty mindful of this, I could see where it could mangle the buckle hinge pretty bad. This type of stuff is not usually encountered by me so on 95% of all terrain I encounter there are no issues.

Well designed but not perfect. A great boot for racing, logging miles and driving small to medium (88 under foot??) skis. I like them best with a skimo suit so no snow gets in but the snow, even on powder days is not really a bother. I will likely continue to use these as my only ski boot until they fail and that is probably gonna be a while.
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