Hi Tomas, it would be very difficult to get the long foam grips off of these poles. I'd look at the Fischer AlpAttack for a carbon cut-to-length pole.
Hi toddball, the only "extra long" tail clip kit I can think of is the now-discontinued Voile kit which you could put 15" Voile straps into. You may still be able to find one, but note the tail clips are designed for very rounded tails and don't fit well on flatter tails. The BD kit isn't super long, but you may be able to get it to work depending on how far you are from the tails currently.
Hi Kris, that is referring to the amount of rearward cuff rotation in walk mode. The cuff doesn't go back as easily or as far as some other boots, especially when you start comparing to race boots.
Hi toddball, the Camlock kit does have enough parts for a pair of skis. I'm skeptical it has the length you need if you're cutting off existing tail clips and trying to extend it another 6cm.
Hi Paul, yes I've had them on. They are definitely not a 130 flex. While more supportive than some other race boots, they aren't super stiff. Maybe 100? You're right, it's subjective.