Hi Xavier, yes it makes sense to get a longer skin if you are chopping off the tip. We have the skin parts available here (noting it's easier to rivet the rubber tips versus sewing on the tip plate). If you want the swappable tip plate, it's easiest to buy a Dynafit skin and chop off the tails, re-adding some tail hooks.
Hi ULLR, unfortunately not! Not many parts around for that boot.
Hi Ryan, the P-Tex and edges are very hard and impact resistant. Like other silly-light skis, however, the core could be compromised if used as a cliff-hucker.
Hi Dabu, yes these can be punched without issue. No problem mounting for those two boot sole lengths. There are various Intuition and Palau liners to it's hard to compare them all; the stock liner is on the low-density side in the Travers. The TLT7 Performance and Carbonio are also on the wide side and very comparable.
Hi Skafti, the Vulcan version will.