Hi Josh, yeah it does seem curious. The Light version does come with a power strap and tongue, albeit a more flexible one than the Carbon version. The image is taken without the tongue or strap, but they are included.
Hi Jon, yeah, the Tech Drys don't have much in the way of insulation. These have some Polartec Alpha which is really nice fill. The Tech Drys are more waterproof, however, so the comparison may change if you're touching the snow a lot.
Hi Peter, the stock ones are the previous color. New colors should be coming in this month.
Hi Brandon, being within the height range isn't super critical, but going off just that I would say Small. If the rest of the measurements look reasonable, it will work. We will have smalls in the new colors soon.
Hi Dane, good eye. I can't verify in person yet since these haven't been shipped. However after asking around, I just updated our main image to what should be the production color: a more primary blue. The back and front views aren't available in that color yet unfortunately.