Hey Justin, these are sold individually so you'd just get one heel piece. We do this to help with replacement parts.
Hey Mark, they are pretty basic cords that attach and detach easily enough. They have no breakaway abilities but you can always add some Maruelli safe loops somewhere in your chain.
Hey Joey, full carbon boots aren't workable in the same way as plastic ones. I'm not going to say impossible but it's certainly a big challenge.
Hi Ray, the plates are 4mm thick so you'd be at -1.5mm with a front plate, and +6.5 with a rear. I think the skiing is fine at +6.5 but if you want to get to zero you can add 6.4mm classic shims which would do just that.
Hey Jake, I would say large would fit you better, the sizing is fairly Euro. They stretch well so the medium probably wouldn't be grotesque but could be extra tight in the lower half.