Hi blob, I'll give my 2 cents. The wing breakages seem to be a thing of the past, I haven't seen nor heard of one with a recent model. I did see one with a pin that fell out, but I can't be sure when it was produced. It looked fairly beat.
Thanks for the feedback Kerry. FYI Millet warranty is good for things like popped seams. Although in your case it probably wouldn't make since since you had invested time in an alteration.
Hi Joe, the support pads work with a bare heel or the adjustment plates. Both lengths of screws will be included in the kits (expected 9/15). Also included is a front screw that can adjust the height of the pad slightly to account for variations in boot sole thickness. This allows tuning of the desired amount of support versus lateral-release interference. While not specifically designed to prevent the failures you mention (I've never seen bent springs, e.g.), the pads can add some stability during desc...
Hi Michelle, these are sold in pairs (price is for 2). I just updated the description to reflect this, thanks for pointing out it wasn't clear. Yes, the 85s would fit the Baltoros well.
Hi Joe, yes you can offset the plate enough for a solid mount, though you might not end up with the BSL range you are aiming for. Give us a shout via e-mail for heel availability.