Hi Phil, unfortunately we didn't carry the Titan or it's parts, and it looks like Dynafit doesn't have a lot available. I would give them a shout to see if they can dig anything up from warranty.
Hi Brian, I haven't noticed any feel difference using the plates. It's hard to quantify the difference without breaking a lot of skis, but I think for most skiers on most skis the difference is somewhere between negligible and irrelevant.
Hi Blake, the arms aren't designed to be changed by themselves, though it is possible. Dynafit sells brake kits if you want to replace the whole base plate.
Hey Brian, CI is making a women's century pant this season, called the B-Side. We expect our shipment in October, which will reload the men's sizes as well (including small). However to answer your question, the pants are comparable in terms of athletic performance. The PM is a bit more free-flowing, and without the reinforcements in the knee area. The elastic closure at the bottom hugs the boot a bit tighter, but the overall weight and feel is similar.
Hi Rob, the Fischer skins are made by Kohla, who also makes skins for Hagan, Volkl, and recently La Sportiva. I have a similar well-used pair on some Cirrus skis that have performed admirably. Glue is a bit too sticky out of the box but is fine after a few uses (or just touch it with snow). Fur is also comparable to the universals, which Kohla makes as well, just not widely distributed here. Tip notch is sleek, though harder to remove in one pull with your skis on than some other styles. I'd probably g...