Hi Richard, thanks for the feedback! 1- You can get two axes in the loops in a reasonably secure fashion, although I haven't tried with the big handles on the Quarks. Note this is an ultralight race pack designed for one ax so it may not last you decades in this configuration. 2- The bottle holder Velcros around the little horizontal band on the wearer's left strap, and can be secured at the bottom by tying in some of the excess strap webbing. Depending on the race and temperature, it's a reasonable opt...
Hi Zachary, unfortunately we weren't able to get the Movement precut skins this season. The closest would be the Colltex Mohair Mix, which is the same skin, just not precut.
Hi Andrew, even though I knew the answer I went and tried it anyway. Works perfectly...though the black ones look cooler.
Hi Fabrizio, not much field testing yet, but the CAMP automatic crampons all seem to collide with the upper cuff while in walk mode (except for the Race 290 which won't plug into the holes due to the Tronic system). SCARPA says crampons from Petzl (Spirlock or Flexlock), CAMP (Universal), and BD (Strap system) might work.
Hi Jake, these come as a pair. Of what we carry, only the Whippet is sold individually.