Hi Dave, unfortunately Dynafit only makes these up to 29.0. Too bad because you'd probably be spot on for a 29.5. I'd check out the Sportiva Syborg which appears to have the same sizing as the Dynafit (but goes to 30), or a SCARPA Alien size 30.
Hey Jake, unfortunately Dynafit didn't bring this pant into North American this season, so there are just a couple left: one Large & one XL.
Sorry Jake, unfortunately CAMP doesn't sell those separately and we don't have a stash of them. Seems like it would be a good idea though.
Hi Jake, a beacon fits easily in the pockets. However they are angled in a way that would put a beacon right on the front of your thigh, which causes some resistance with every step. Not my favorite configuration.
Hey Randolph, these use a retainer pin mechanism similar to the Low Tech Race and Plum race bindings. If you punch out the pin, you can replace the fork and you will see there is a groove notched into it that the pin rests in, preventing it from sliding fore and aft.