Hi David, unfortunately not. The new heels are a bit wider and longer. The gory details can be found here.
Hi Stephanie, we have more 161s scheduled to arrive before October, so hopefully they will be here soon.
Hi Joe, the K plates are 5.5mm thick, but we don't have measurements just yet for the stock pin heights. Thanks for the feedback on the SCTTs, I'm looking forward to the new normal.
Hi Aaron, looks like we have some on the way in a new Asphalt color (dark grey). Also some cactus and crystal blues are still available. Send us a note which color you're looking for.
Hi bluejay, indeed, you'd need a 23-23.5 which La Sportiva doesn't make in this model. I'd suggest looking at the Dynafit TLT6 or Atomic Backland boots which are in the same class.