Hi Scott, the two packs are similar in volume, with the durability a touch higher on the Millet (it really has a nice build quality). I'd say average size buckles, so easier to use that the mini-ones. I almost always use race packs for touring so there is no problem there :)
Hi Randolph, thanks for the detailed feedback. FYI there is a fix for the lever spring issue. Sportiva is sending out new lock levers that have a pin to prevent the upwards movement that releases the spring. I can send you a set when they arrive.
Hah, sorry for word requirement, that is only for reviews (select Ask a Question to be terse). Unfortunately Dynafit doesn't offer replacement screws for the adjustment plates. Standard M5 screws can work, but you may have to grind the heads.
Hey Luke, yeah they are workable in that case. After an edge grind they will fit great :)
Hi Luke, it will be close. The crampons are ~2mm wider than listed to account for the curvature of a ski. I would measure the actual width of the board at the location you expect to mount the toe.