Good news Stano, 2014/15 Speed Radicals are now shipping with an anti-twist device that gets mounted under the heel piece. Definitely worth the extra 12 grams.
Hi Doug, the Speed Radical doesn't have a toe plate, but you can use the Radical ST & FT plates as shims for it (they are the same toes mechanically). The TLT Speed toe plate is for an older model of Dynafit bindings. They are priced individually in case you need just one as a replacement part.
Hi Joe, I have to admit we're not qualified to give advice on tele bindings as it's pretty much A/T only around here. I can say that the Chos have some nice reinforcement plates that are tough to drill through so should handle a tele mount no problem.
Hi Bert, yes, the listing is here. I will send you an e-mail when they are in.
Hi Nick, the Speed Radical toe does not have a base plate. It's close relatives the Radical ST/FT come with removable plates, which may be what you saw. The Speed is a good option for TTS.