Hi Elizabeth, if only the bottles were made by Hasbro (transformers)! The straw is permanently affixed.
Hi David, I weighed the 75mm version at 68 grams. Unfortunately I don't have a verified weight for the Dynafit Speed Crampon as it is not currently offered in the US. I found some specs for the older 78mm version (before they widened all the crampons by 4mm) that says it weighed 63 grams, so I'm guessing the difference now is negligible.
Hi Court, we sold these last season paired with matching skins. Unfortunately we won't be getting those this season due to logistical difficulties. We will have the same Colltex Mix skins, just not pre-cut or Movement branded. We can trim them for you if you want. The good news is the price is much lower on the skis.
Hey Nate, the smalls in either would work best for you. Those are a medium in Europe, and they aren't all that small.
Hi Lars, welcome to the states, I hope Tahoe gets enough snow for you this year! We are based in Salt Lake City but can ship to Tahoe or SF in 1-2 days. Check out our packages section for deals on a whole rig. It would help to know your exact boot size ahead of time to avoid returns if you're only here for a short time.