Hi Andy, we generally don't recommend Loctite if you plan on adjusting much, as it can lead to stripped bolt heads. There is a good amount of tension on the bolts so loosening doesn't seem to be a problem, even with grease. Check out this article for more details: Adjustment Plates.
Hi Rich, looks like you are fluctuating between type III & III+ skier settings for your size (provided you are between 10 & 49 yrs old). Given that, it's not ideal for you to hover near the maximum binding settings. While you could probably deal with it, a binding that goes up to 12 would give you a little more breathing room. Check out the Radical FT, Plum Guide, G3 Ion, or Fritschi Vipec.
Hi Kerry, the BSLs are spec'd the same for the two Alien versions. I've noticed sub-mm differences in certain sizes but nothing that required a re-mount. We will have some official cord in the fall; until then you can use some 3mm accessory cord or maybe give SCARPA a ring (303-998-2895).
Hi Alexa, actually you can subtract some cm for the tip and tail attachments. The tip attachments let you start 2-3cm back, and the BD adjustable tails would save you another 5-10+, depending on your preference for tail coverage. So 162cm per ski would be a good start.
Hi Cristian, 80 is the way to go. They are a couple mm wider than listed so they should fit perfectly.