Hi Sam, there aren't any brakes specifically designed for the Speed Radical, but the Kreuzspitze brakes can slide into the crampon slot.
Hi Ivar, unfortunately the wider brakes are no longer available for the Vertical ST. I do not know of anything else that would work with that heel and that width of ski.
Hi Curt, we have some 72s and 80s left as well, which should be listed. They go up to 105 when we are fully stocked.
Hi Bruno, thanks for the feedback. The 165s have a unique pattern that doesn't match anything else, which is a pretty common theme for race heels. All the Plum race heels stop at each 90 degree increment and could be mounted sideways or backwards and act just the same. Note this will not be the case for some future Plum heels however.
Hi Richard, the lock/unlock kit will make the binding much more likely to release in a twisting fall. Without it, you are essentially always in locked touring mode, making it unlikely your skill will release when needed. With it, you have the option to be in ski mode. There are no instructions, but the kit just replace existing parts so you can use one of your bindings as a model for the installation.