Hi Jeff, yes, these do work with the RT binding as well. There is less travel of course, due to the elongated platform, but there is still enough for most boot quivers.
Hi Billy, yes, the 92mm would be the best brake size for the 88's. All the Radicals we have in stock are from this season with the new spring in the heels that allow the housing to slide backward.
Sorry for any confusion Jeff. These are priced and packaged in pairs so both your feet will be happy crampers.
Hi Ian, I am told it was a combination of factors that instigated the decision to cease importing the RT. There were some breakages, but not significant enough to be the sole reason for the decision. ATK still makes the binding with their own branding.
Hi Mac. There are a couple millimeters of wiggle room with the widths, so the 110mm brakes should work. For comparison, DPS recommends the 110mm brakes for their 112mm skis. The 130s would also work, but hang over the edges a bit more. The brakes aren't designed to be removed but can be cut off with some effort. Note there is an anti-rotation feature built into the brake mechanism that prevents the binding from rotating into ski mode when skinning. Removing the whole brake will disable this feature.