Hi Jeremy, please see our note about the 17/18 update to the toe levers in the product description. You must have bought some old stock somewhere, as all our inventory is current. You will likely break the binding if you are stomping on the lever to exit. Note to anyone who purchased the older model from us in the past: we have replacement levers to send you (or replace for you) if you're having any problems.
Hi nico, glad to hear you found a boot that works. Good news is the MTN Lab did not change for 17/18 other than the color. Salomon doesn't actually sell a size 27.0 in this boot, it is just one size per shell which they labeled 27.5. They didn't bother making another box/label for what would be a trivial difference.
Hi Haoran, the difference is twofold: graphics and warranty. Aside from the obvious color difference, the Trab is backed by a 3-year warranty versus a 1-year warranty from Sportiva. You want the 164 Flex 60.
Hi Ivan, there is not. You can always try a Pro Flex or an aftermarket liner such as an Intuition or a Palau. Visit our boot fitter for a specific recommendation based on your fit.
Hi Bob, only the new kits include the retainer.