Hi Forest, in general you would go for the same size in those two boots. But note, as mbillie1 points out, they do have a different fit profile so it might not work perfectly for you.
Hi Andy, yes we will have more of those. Hopefully this month, but we don't have an exact date yet.
Hi Stephen, this is the best comment we've ever received, thanks! I'm guessing you speak Esperanto? Point taken in regards to adopting French words. Within the context of skiing, at least in our area, nobody uses the term Randonnée. And we rarely enjoy après-ski after a tour; instead we are usually hustling to work! Rappelling is approved versus abseiling, however.
Hi François, those are found in the drop list as "Radical FT 2.0 Toe Plate Extension". They are sold individually (x1).
Hi François, there are no extensions for the ST 2.0. If you mean the rotating baseplate, that is listed as Radical 2.0 Toe Plate; it is the same for the ST 2.0 and FT 2.0.