Hi Austin, we just got more in!
Hi Haoran, binding release can be a complicated topic. Your best bet is to plug your info into our binding finder. There are a couple options that I think would work reasonably well for you.
Hi Quone, Moonlight and Kreuzspitze worked together on the TTS design. They are essentially the same heels.
Hi Andy, that would work! Otherwise, we expect more 165-180s within a week. A skin trim is currently $15, with our full price list here. Thanks!
Hi Yuki, it means a few things: 1) The bindings are certified to DIN standards for release. 2) Due to the lateral-heel release, they tend to be better for the knees than alpine bindings (which are not designed to protect your knees as we explained in this article). 3) Because the ST Rotation toe is on a rotating plate, the condition of boot fittings has been essentially removed as a release-variable as compared to standard tech toes. 4) With the "gapless" heel on a spring, the release values stay relativel...