Hi Kevin, we expect availability within the next few weeks. Spec weight is 85g on the brakes.
Hi Jared, actually we did just get an A/T 106 177 added to the fleet!
Hi Sebastian, no, you'll need the ION crampons.
Hi Hannah, there are several things that could be going on with your setup. It could be a quick fix. Looks like you didn't get them from us so we don't have the details. Any chance you could e-mail us your phone number so we can talk through it?
Hi Steve, these are going to be a bit more of an all-condition ski, whereas the Wailers are best in powder and crud. The Trabs have better carving ability but less floatation versus the heavily rockered DPS. A really good all-mountain ski. They also can use the tip-rip system for skins which is nice.