Hi nico, glad to hear you found a boot that works. Good news is the MTN Lab did not change for 17/18 other than the color. Salomon doesn't actually sell a size 27.0 in this boot, it is just one size per shell which they labeled 27.5. They didn't bother making another box/label for what would be a trivial difference.
Hi Haoran, the difference is twofold: graphics and warranty. Aside from the obvious color difference, the Trab is backed by a 3-year warranty versus a 1-year warranty from Sportiva. You want the 164 Flex 60.
Hi Ivan, there is not. You can always try a Pro Flex or an aftermarket liner such as an Intuition or a Palau. Visit our boot fitter for a specific recommendation based on your fit.
Hi Bob, only the new kits include the retainer.
Hi Austyn, if you're comparing to the women's TLT6, then yes, these are a bit more accommodating out of the box in the same size, and can mold even further. That said, they aren't spec'd as having a wide last, so don't expect a vast difference.