I couldn't wait for the first race of the season to try to award the donated one to myself as a prize, so instead I bought one, specifically the 600ml version. I've been liking it so much tucked in my race suit that I've now starting using it for touring, attached in a carrier on my pack shoulder strap: no more traditional bladders with long hydration tubes!
Five Stars, although with One Big Caveat: I haven't used it, and I don't even own it. However, I've been checking it intently via loading it up with prizes (as shown in the picture) for the race series I organize, and I've owned -- let's see here -- nine different skimo race packs. (So far...?) Although usually I dislike "feature-rich" packs, this model seems to have incorporated every *useful* feature of every race pack I've ever owned (with the sole exception of the CAMP partner towing system), plus som...
Definitely did not miss the extra venting of a climbing-only helmet on this tour!
Five Stars for a dual-cert helmet, but almost as many caveats! I procrastinated getting a dual-cert helmet for a few years (as many other skimo racers no doubt also did) given the -- compared to climbing-only helmets -- limited selection and significant weight penalty, along with decreased ventilation. But CAMP’s model finally convinced me to buy one: not because CAMP’s model is any lighter or more ventilated that the competition, but I figured that if even CAMP can’t reduce the weight penalty and/or add...
Five Stars via the build-up rating method: - First star is because the front of the shirt makes me happy, since it says Skimo Co, which makes me think of skiing, especially with all the great gear available from Skimo Co. - Second star is for a nice fabric blend that feels kind of silky smooth and soft. - Third star is because the sizing makes me feel big and manly, as I definitely need a Medium. By contrast, all my skimo-specific clothing is a U.S. Small (although often originally labeled as Euro Medium, ...