DNA Jacket & Pant in action on Mount Shasta in mid-June 2017. Perfect combo for warm but windy weather, as I didn't have to bother putting a regular jacket on & off repeatedly.
Yipes, important correction to my review: although the 2016-17 version retains the older interior beacon pocket with the flap-style closure which is no longer ISMF compliant, it now also has a zipper-closure beacon pocket that opens only to the inside as per the new ISMF rule. (I had just thought it was an interior divider of the kangaroo-style skin pouch on the right, and didn't notice until today the zipper access -- very clever design upgrade!)
So close to perfection: if only they had a zippered pocket, please, even just a really small one, like on many running tights? All sorts of other good attributes though: - Very adaptable fit, since the size Small fits Tom N. at 6'3" and also me at 5'8" with a ~31" inseam at most. I can see how they have some excess length that could fit a taller person, but that excessive length isn't really ... excessive. - The usual reinforced areas to cut your own holes, but as Alexandre B. notes, already has a very n...
Deployed this halfway up the second of three ~2,000' vertical laps at a race this past weekend when the winds really starting blowing even more (while the sun was still hiding, and the summit -10F temperature not budging) -- barely had to slow down my skinning pace while securing this!
Stowing my skins after the first of three ~2,000' vertical laps during a race this past weekend at Pico VT. Temperature up top was -10F throughout the race. Yes, I eventually deployed my CAMP Flash Anorak, and also put a Buff around my face. (And yes, I still suffered from frostbite, plus I was probably borderline hypothermic!) But I did not bother bringing back-up skins, and the Trab glue never showed so much as even a hint of being anywhere near failure. (And yes, I am in violation of ISMF 5.8.12 by picki...