Very nice to have a ski this versatile with visibility like this in conditions that pretty much definite "variable"!
Being bestowed the hat by the race director (i.e., myself) as the winner of the "fastest 50+ racer in top ten" award.
Five Stars for a very nice suit overall, and at a very nice price too. I previously had the separate Syborg top & tights, but I liked the pocket configuration so much that I recently bought the suit too, even though I already have suits from Crazy Idea and Dynafit. A few details observations: - The 2016/17 version appears to be available both with and without the exterior zippered pocket. The Skimo Co version is shown as having it, but some other etailers appear to lack it. - If you plan to compete in Eur...
Five Stars for a versatile top that is suitable for racing, training, or even "real" touring. I've had a few suits and tops from various companies including Dynafit. The most interesting compare/contrast is with my PDG top from Dynafit. In common, they have the same slim design that fits me perfectly (U.S. Small for 5'8" & 145 lb -- or so I like to think on both measurements...), a hood (which is relatively rare now in race wear), a very open mesh back, a zippered chest pocket just big enough for a typical...
Executive summary = amazingly light, surprisingly good fit, downright embarrassing appearance. Details, drawbacks first: 1. Sizing seems too big for the spec. My head circumference is 57.2cm, which over the years has matched up well with my ski helmets, bike helmets, the CAMP Speed "1.0" 56-62cm range, and other climbing helmets. The Sirocco Size 2 is 53-61, and frontback was okay, but the sides were just sticking out far too much. I was able to get the Size 1 48-56cm to work by removing the small comf...