Five Stars for a big improvement over those hopelessly old school dial stem thermometers. Plus easy to switch between C for conformance with AAA SWAG vs F when your hopelessly old school American brain wants to translate temps into something relatable.
Five Stars for these fabric loupes: very light, folds up very small, yet then sets up in a stable way on top of your snow crystal card. You can get higher-power magnifiers, but they're heavy, bulky, and pricey. Bonus application for this magnifier: works really well for checking out the fibers on your climbing skins! (Seriously, the compare/contrast among different brands is interesting.)
PG emailed me about it (in response to an alternative idea I had for reducing the forward lean, which would not have worked) -- attached is their picture of it.
Hah! Might have actually though been using my Atomic skins (with the plastic section up front) for the Vertical race. The really funny part about the Vertical race is that I got into a maniacal sprint with some woman at the finish. Yet it wasn't reflected in the results. So either some woman's time wasn't recorded, or my recorded time was off -- oh well, still a wonderfully crazy memory of that finish even if I'll never know the identity of that woman!
This review is only for the "Camlock+ Tail Clip" -- and it came already affixed to some Colltex skins, so I can't speak to the ease of retrofit. With that caveat aside though, Five Stars for: - Cam attaches very easily and securely to the ski tail. - Cam then allows for nice grab when ripping. - Length adjustment is easy indoors when warm, less so when cold in the field, but given that the tail attachment is there for backup anyway, not like you need to be removing every little bit of excess slack on subse...