I've had one of these screwed down onto my wooden workbench since our house was built in 2006. The orientation should be like that shown in my picture, with the vertical guide closest to you. The only drawback to this design is that the scraper might develop somewhat of a concavity over time, as the tendency is to sharpen more of the middle of the scraper edge's length. Another approach is to use a sander on your scraper edge, but that of course entails placing your scraper in a vise then getting out you...
I have both this and the very similar La Sportiva Race Overglove. Personally, I prefer the Overglove, since I love the dexterity of gloves even just while skinning and not actually engaging in any dexterous tasks. However, if you're more into wearing mittens in general yet occasionally want to allow your fingers access outside the mittens, the you'll probably prefer the Skimo Mitten since it's closer to being a standalone mitten. The sizing also reflects that, since in the same size Medium the Overglove is...
A really great option if you love the dexterity of lightweight gloves but are getting tired of some combination of losing circulation and/or withdrawing your fingers back into the palms of your gloves. I've previously used the CAMP version, which is great for what it is. The La Sportiva version provides far more warmth when deployed, and even provides noticeable warmth even when just rolled up against the back of your hand. Only drawback I've noticed so far is that pole straps needs to be adjusted into a mu...
Huh, so I suppose my version is the 3.1! Also, forgot to mention that for those who are not familiar with them, the Dynafit-supplied "Quick Step-in" toe sockets do provide a bit of an advantage compared to the French and Italian competition for all-carbon boots. I have this style socket on my Alien 1.0 boots but not on my PG boots, and it does make entry a bit easier, as well as reduce the frequency of botched entries with unsteady legs after long race descents.
The Onyx (and Ruby) used the traditional Dynafit pattern. I even mounted a few pairs using a Dynafit jig combined with my childhood experience of playing with Lego. (So glad G3 got it right with the Ion!)