Overall: A full Five Stars for 84mm of waist width (in a 164cm) at a weight penalty compared to a super-skinny race ski of only about half a pound per foot. Minus maybe a quarter of a star for what might be a suboptimal amount of tip rocker (even for a ski of such dimensions), but that’s about the only drawback to this otherwise almost magical design. Background on product familiarity: Over 61,000’ vertical during the 2014-15 season in a variety of winter and spring conditions, mounted with an ISMF-pr...
I can't vouch for how easy these are to retrofit onto other brands of skins. However, I can vouch for how well they work on Trab skis once they are already attached to attached to Trab skins: the tip is my favorite of any brand or type, and the tail works fine too. See my review of Trab's own skins for more details, but if for some reason you want to use a brand of skins other than Trab's own for your Trab skins, then you should strongly consider retrofitting on the Trab proprietary skin attachment system.
Overall: Five Stars for a race skin with a typical race-style tip attachment system, good glue, the usual 100% mohair plush, a relatively stiff laminate that allows for clean deskinning, and a smooth plastic section in the shovel that seems to enhance glide noticeably on flatter terrain. Background on product familiarity: I’ve used a pair of the 2014-15 skins for some initial training to break them in, and then for five races. I’ve also used half a dozen or so other pairs of mohair race skins, mainly va...
"I did have to resort to helicoils when mounting. Might though have been my own fault or just bad luck [...]" -- Happy to report that I just mounted up a 2014-15 pair with no need for helicoils.
Overall: Five Stars for an excellent ratio of surface area to weight, with the float that would be expected from its wide rockered tip, and unexpectedly strong firm-snow performance given its nearly triple-digit waist and nearly unbelievable weight. Background on product familiarity: So far I have skied on the 2014-15 version in a 168cm for a little over 24,000 earned vertical of backcountry powder plus about half a day of lift-served in various conditions. Mounted with ISMF-prohibited combination ...