Nate, so just to clarify, the new crampon slot on the Plum race bindings can take either traditional Dynafit crampons or Plum crampons, but the Guide can take only Plum crampons?
Five Stars for sure given the most amazing combination of an extremely light weight and the extremely stiff skiing performance. And for sure a boot this pricey had better merit five stars, although fortunately I had a medical reason so it’s tax-deductible. Okay, maybe I should consult with an accountant first about such legal matters, but that really is why I bought this boot: on both my Dynafit-rebranded Pierre Gignoux boots and my Alien 1.0 I’d had to shave down all the liner foam in the toe box to s...
I mounted the 2017-18 version on Hagan Ultra 65 skis for Scarpa Alien 3.0 boots (for ultra color stylin’). So far I’ve used them for only one race, and with even no prior use/practice, everything worked smoothly: toe lever, heel flap, entry, exit, etc. I’ve previously used two pairs of the Hagan ZR, and the Ultra 65 differs only in the pincer springs (down from four to two, which still work fine, despite the boasting of a certain brand about its “six pack”) and the crampon clip (now removable, yet no lon...
My third pair of Hagan race skis – and I’m still using my prior two pairs, even the old white/blue/orange X-Race model from 2012 with over half a million vertical feet so far. (Before that, I had the original Movement Fish-X, and before that the Atomic MX:20 and TM:11.) This review is for the 2017-18 version of the Ultra 65, mounted with Hagan Ultra bindings, driven by the Scarpa Alien 3.0 boot (for the ultimate in color coordination). That boot is actually the reason for the ski purchase, since I didn’t...
This stuff is absolutely magical for preventing frostbite. (And with a very prominent nose, I consider myself a leading authority on such matters!) But with enough Dermatone, I can skip something like a Buff even down to absurdly low windchills. Just one caveat: I've found the screws on the container easy to cross thread with cold number fingers. So instead I keep my Dermatone for the field in one half of a contact lens container (with sunblock in the other half).