We're almost the same size and I absolutely love my 160cm pair.
The early-warning signs are very clear: every several outings or so, check for any fraying, and replace as necessary. Plus a sufficient amount of accessory cord for a full permanent repair in the field is nearly weightless in your pack.
I couldn't wait for the first race of the season to try to award the donated one to myself as a prize, so instead I bought one, specifically the 600ml version. I've been liking it so much tucked in my race suit that I've now starting using it for touring, attached in a carrier on my pack shoulder strap: no more traditional bladders with long hydration tubes!
Five Stars, although with One Big Caveat: I haven't used it, and I don't even own it. However, I've been checking it intently via loading it up with prizes (as shown in the picture) for the race series I organize, and I've owned -- let's see here -- nine different skimo race packs. (So far...?) Although usually I dislike "feature-rich" packs, this model seems to have incorporated every *useful* feature of every race pack I've ever owned (with the sole exception of the CAMP partner towing system), plus som...
Definitely did not miss the extra venting of a climbing-only helmet on this tour!