Overall: A caveated Five Stars for a very lightweight ski that floats far above its 87mm waist. The two caveats are that I haven’t skied it in very firm conditions (since I used it almost exclusively for backcountry powder), and that some skiers might not like the narrow tail (although it is being stiffened up somewhat for the 2014-15 season). Background on product familiarity: I used the 2013-14 version in a 173cm for almost 44,000 feet of earned vertical, plus a couple long runs back through the res...
Overall: A full Five Stars for a highly competitive race ski with additional versatility for “real” backcountry skiing. Check out the Hagan Ascent if you want the same design but with a different wood core to save some $ at the penalty of a few trivial ounces. However, both of these models are still full-on race skis – for a more all-around yet still very light ski, within the Hagan line-up check out the Cirrus. Background on product familiarity: I used the 2013-14 version for just over 90,000 feet of...
Overall: Four Stars for an incredible ratio of surface area to weight, with float in unconsolidated snow far above (both literally and figuratively?) what would be expected from the 89mm waist. But minus a star short of perfect for firm-snow carving that is less than what I had hoped – perhaps unrealistically, especially given my alpine racing background (and given all the other entirely positive reviews), but I feel like the Response-X skis like a much wider ski, for both better and worse. Background on...
About how much vertical do you estimate to get them reasonably fast?
Is Dynafit still including separate EU & US tags this season? I have last season's very similar Movement pants, in the "EU 48/M" & "US 32" size, which was sold in the U.S. as a size Small. I'm about a 32" waist and 32" inseam, and if anything they're a bit big in the waist, though the elastic drawstring takes up the excess quite well.