This stuff is absolutely magical for preventing frostbite. (And with a very prominent nose, I consider myself a leading authority on such matters!) But with enough Dermatone, I can skip something like a Buff even down to absurdly low windchills. Just one caveat: I've found the screws on the container easy to cross thread with cold number fingers. So instead I keep my Dermatone for the field in one half of a contact lens container (with sunblock in the other half).
Loving the 600ml version so much that I've stopped using all my hydration bladders! For tours when I need more capacity, I just bring a reserve collapsible bottle in my pack. A few issues to be aware of though: - The thread closure for the cap could be improved. Even once you've correctly tightened it (and not started to cross thread it), tighten it again, then invert, so as to ensure it really is tight enough with no leaks. (For unscrewing a very tight cap after the tour, I've found blowing back some air...
We're almost the same size and I absolutely love my 160cm pair.
The early-warning signs are very clear: every several outings or so, check for any fraying, and replace as necessary. Plus a sufficient amount of accessory cord for a full permanent repair in the field is nearly weightless in your pack.
I couldn't wait for the first race of the season to try to award the donated one to myself as a prize, so instead I bought one, specifically the 600ml version. I've been liking it so much tucked in my race suit that I've now starting using it for touring, attached in a carrier on my pack shoulder strap: no more traditional bladders with long hydration tubes!