Jason - Do you have fasteners for speed turn and expedition heel pieces? Do you think the spacing between mount holes on these heels is sufficient? Thanks!
New favorite jacket. It's got the same shell material as the Trail DST which is my favourite lightweight wind jacket for training but added in a small amount of insulation on the front for those really cold windy days where you are still moving quickly. It packs up tiny into the breast pocket and is a perfect 'just in case' layer. Also this and the pant are actually the lightest possible options for carrying during the Mezzalama race - and they are nice to have! We had conditions that were cold enough for p...
Mezzalama (and potentially other races) requires an 'insulated pant' rather than the usual wind pant. This is the lightest possible pant that adheres to those rules. Way better than carrying an oversized pair of puffy pants that your friend used on Denali. I borrowed a pair for Mezzalama and they are awesome 5 stars because like all CI products, they fit me well and are the lightest out there.
Part of my regular rotation of race and training skins. I like the Atomics and think the idea is quite good. Pros compared to Pomoco/Colltex race: lighter and less bulky. Grip is quite good (and it is a wide skin). Glide is equal or better. Cons: tearing in half possibility mentioned above. I used these as a vertical race skin only to avoid this issue. Glue failed relatively quickly. It ripped away from the skin bottom in large chunks. Especially on the ptex section. Solved easily enough with some collte...
And to follow this up... I'm still a big fan of the RC-1. One word of warning is that despite the fact that they are suitable for racing and training in, they are fragile pieces of thin carbon. Through the season I managed to do some damage to them - cracking the carbon shell and ripping a rivet. Both times, the excellent customer service folks at Gignoux (Dynafit directs you directly to them) were quick to fix or replace the broken part in under a week turnaround. Unfortunately they are located in France, ...