So after trying to adjust, I stripped three of the four adjustment bolts. Managed to drill them all out but am now looking to replace them with something that is 1) less likely to get stuck and 2) has a better head that is less likely to strip. Any suggestions?
The 2013-2014 Rapid is definitely a step up from the previous version despite a very close resemblance. The lower elastic ski carry loop that was fraying badly on my old pack is reinforced with a new plastic tube coating. The upper strap now has two options, the traditional and more secure loop that clips back on to the shoulder strap or the quicker hook that hooks directly to the skis (shown in the pic above). I pulled off the traditional loop and used the hook. The strap is not elastic like dynafit versio...
Yeah, the adjustment key is small (so good for the field repair kit) but hard to manipulate and really tighten. Maybe the bolt was just soft then... But yes some replacements would be rad.
Man these are sweet. Light, super adjustable and have never malfunctioned on me. I like that they keep the heel hight the same as the 145 model despite the addition of the adjustment plate. My only complaint is the adjustment screws use a funky sized Torx head that I promptly stripped out. JBO - what can I replace them with that will actually allow them to be adjustable?
Like the Crest Shovel, it has and always will stay in my race pack and never be used for actual probing. It is as light as it gets for a probe which is the only thing you care about for a skimo race. IF you think you might need to probe for someone, bring a real probe. Actually though, this might work in a pinch. The cord is flimsy and its only 2.4m but it would work.