It's the lightest shovel that is allowed for skimo racing so it gets 5 stars. Its super light. You would definitely not want to dig someone up with it because it seems flimsier than a beach sand shovel but its not actually for digging, its for show. IF you think there is a possibility of digging, take a real shovel!
These things are actually pretty awesome despite the toe section shifting around disconcertingly. I have used them with both my TLT5 and DyNA boots (28.5 and 28) and have had no major problems with fit. Not going to climb any serious ice with them bit thats not what they are for right? Definitely give some confidence on a steep boot pack and having added traction when booting is a big plus. Used them high on Rainier when the cow-path started to get a bit steeper and a lot more solid, the traction meant clim...