Despite minor personal issues with the company I have to give full credit to the Italians for this race suit :) It's a great piece of skimo gear. 2 things to consider/note: 1 - I would prefer another set of inside skin pockets like on the old suit, or make these ones a bit deeper. 2 - I am 187 cm and about 72 kg and went with size L. It was a good choice cause if I went by height sizing only then the compression fabric wouldn't have much to compress on my massive thighs :) Can't really compare it to other...
All still well after many more sessions back in the spring.
ISMF goes back and forth on lots of gear rules, I guess this is an example. It's all in good efforts but some times makes it confusing for us. :)
I have used these boots about 15-20 times now, always in the backcountry, on various skis (114, 81, 74 under foot) and in various conditions. Before, I have skied the TLT5 Performance for about 2 seasons. The TLT6 has couple of improvements compared to TLT5, mainly the buckles and the extra foot box width. Overall, this is a great boot but I think I am going to upgrade to the Performance version for the next season. The extra stiffness makes a difference with big skis. I mostly prefer to ski these with ton...
The plates are wicked! I used them for my race binding mounted on Nanga Parbat skis to keep them light and to accommodate for both my touring and racing boots. Anyways, benefits are pretty self explanatory :)