Hi Tim, I just answered a more-or-less the same question on my website here. I agree it is confusing and the wording of that ISMF rule makes it even more so. Occasionally, I help with wording of the ISMF rules and try top stay on top of them. And if I remember correctly, this auto-locking thing was better/clearly defined before. To me, the portion that you quoted means that an auto-lock is fine as long as you don’t need an additional tool in use (so the binding is self-contained/self-sufficient). Howe...
Hi Spindogg, Yes indeed I have used TLT6 Performance for long time now (the previous two seasons and will continue), see my review here. There is definitely a difference in lateral stiffness between carbon cuff of the Performance version vs the Mountain. The weight difference is very negligible but the Perfomance skis better for me for sure, especially when using a bigger/wider backcountry ski. My recommendation is that if someone skis only narrower skis (less than 85mm) or quite conservatively/slow t...
Continues to be my boot of choice for all backcountry starting my 3rd season on them now. So far not a single mechanical issue. I ski them with the green tongues (but climb without) as the black ones felt too stiff for me. I ski them from 75mm to 100mm skis in all conditions and they have been great. I suspect they might be a bit soft for someone really charging and hucking but then there are other boots for that.
Update: After 3 seasons it continues to be my favourite race binding of all time. Mounting another pair on a new race setup soon.
I don't have the 2.0 version yet but the previous model (which looks almost identical) has been very good to me. Great glide and grip. The glue is not the best in cold dry Canadian powder but overall works well.