I had an opportunity to ski these for couple of runs when we discovered that my friend has the same boot sole length. They were great in soft, heavy, and chopped up powder. Easy to turn, very nice response, no surprises. And obviously, very light for uphills. I think I got to ski them in conditions they were made for but I would believe they perform on harder snow very well too. The pair I skied was 177cm and felt slightly short for me (6' 1"), personally I would buy the 185cm.
I have skied these about 20 days now and after initial skepticism due to their soft feel I am continued to be surprised with their performance. I have skied them now in all possible conditions, from powder to crust to icy colouirs to moguls to groomers, and have to say they are performing very well. I like the rockered tip and my only advice would be to make them slightly stiffer (equally everywhere by about 10-15%) but I am 6' 2" and 74kg so that might not work for lighter people. For skiers above 70kg or...
In all humbleness I don't think that will happen this year ;)
Jason, thank you very much, it is much appreciated! Maybe don't send, I am coming for Powder Keg so maybe we can spill some beer on them before you present them to me.
It must be 2, that's the only number between 1 and 3 :) No need to do this should I guessed correctly ;)