Ive loved the 3 pairs of these I have used (on powder skis, skinny skis, and all-rounders; 110 mm Rossi alpine skis are a little beyond what I would like to use these on everyday). The best of the classic vertical volcano (no blow up your binding the first day syndrome like some Radical heels), the 25mm adjustability expected from a modern rando binding, and now better colors and a 4 hole toe. I do slightly miss the "power" toe on the speed radical as these toes make cleaning binding fittings a little harde...
I got these for a family member, and have yet to hear any complaints-- and they barely fit me (with a men's 8 a 24.5 is alpine- race- tight). The soles have worn well so far, and the skiing is a big improvement over the original TLT5s. If you are looking for something that skis well and isn't as pricey (or are just generally scared of first year boot designs), these are a good alternative to snazzy new boots.
I loved these skis for hut access (with the BC fish scale pattern). Perfect width with enough float for most Colorado days, and enough edge and length to keep you moving efficiently. Topsheets scratches fairly easily and bases were not as hard as some I have tried, but liked these enough to get a slightly wider v6 in a shorter length (to easier fit in the car).
The speed turns are an awesome binding. I was originally hesitant to go to the radical due to the heel, but have found the speed turn heel to perform amazingly well. Just wish someone sold a radical toe with speed turn heel, as swapping the radical toe makes for the ultimate BC binding on almost all planks.
The Vert St toe is hard to beat for durability. The classic 5-hole pattern fits most skis, even though fatter boards benefit well from the wider Radical toe piece. If you try hard, its possible to find heel pieces cheap from someone who only needed the toes (much more common than just needing heels), and build some cool combinations with different release and weight combos.